5 Things To Know About FREE Wine


A friend of mine called me one day and asked me if I would be interested in some Free wine. I told him that I would absolutely be interested. I asked him where to sign. So, now I’m asking you. Would you be interested in some FREE wine shipped to your house? Do yourself a […]

Let Me Show You How To Get Your Wine For FREE


Do you love wine? Do you know 3 other people that do? How would you like to get your wine FREE (minus shipping) and shipped to your home? JOIN ME!! I’m looking for customers RIGHT NOW! There are also other opportunities within the club that you can participate in if interested. You could become an […]

Me, Lake Tahoe, and A Kia Sorento

FullSizeRender (11)

I was working on Valentine’s Day this year because that is what restaurant managers do. Before I went to work that day, I drove Kas and the kids to the airport to head off to Lake Tahoe for a #SorentoFamily adventure. I was pretty bummed that I didn’t get to leave that day, with my […]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Alright, so I know it took a while for me to see the movie. Hey, I was working a lot of hours. Give me a break already. That being said, while the wife was in Mexico and my daughter was at her grandmother’s house, my son and I snuck out for a guys night out. […]

Gatlinburg And The Great Smoky Mountains


Gatlinburg has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Just thinking back the other day about the time that we drove to the Smoky Mountain KOA and my dad was so tired, he laid in the floor of the van and slept for hours. When he woke up, we […]



Well, it finally happened. Disney Finally talked Steven Spielberg into directing a film for them. BFG was worth the wait! The kids and I went to an early showing not really knowing what to expect. We loved every minute of it! This was a very family friendly movie that will get you right in the […]

Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA Civil War


I was sitting around today, checking my email, when I ran across the new Captain America Civil War trailer. So, I watched it…..and then….I watched it again….and again. I had the same reaction every time when he showed his face. SPIDERMAN!!!! Years and years of watching Spiderman growing up and here he was again. I […]

Dads, Romans, Oren, The Wall, And The Kids Of Kesem


Hadrian’s Wall was a wall built to keep the Barbarians separate…HA!…What are you going to do now? There are twelve Barbarian Papas on the way to conquer you!! There was a great man who happened to be a dad blogger as well. He decided that there needed to be a place where dads could come […]

Check out my SPOILER FREE review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I truly had a dream come true this week when I was able to attend an early press screening of Star Wars” The Force Awakens. Everyone is asking me what I thought so here you go. My SPOILER FREE thoughts over at Adventures of a Couponista: STAR WARS Has Awakened The Next Generation Of Fans

NBC Has The Hottest Shows Around


Don’t you hate it when you miss your TV show on a regular basis? I have gotten to the point in my life where I am hardly ever around a television at all. Even if I do get the chance, it is probably not at the right time for my show. So, I had to […]