Guns In Restaurants

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A law just recently passed that allows people to carry guns in restaurants. Now I am not naive enough not to realize that people were already carrying them into restaurants before. I just don’t know how smart it is to allow people to just carry them on their side like in the old west. Do not get me wrong, I own a gun myself but keep it at home and in a case away from my children.

Just think about all of the horrible things that have happened in restaurants in the past. Also, just imagine a child getting hurt by one of these guns that are just there for anyone to grab or misfire.

Now the law states that the person carrying the gun is not allowed to consume alcohol while being armed. It is just a matter of time before someone tells one of these people that they can not have a beer and the gun comes out. I know that it seems far fetched but it will happen in some capacity.

I know that most of the people with carry permits are going to do the right thing but all it takes is one person to make this law NOT WORTH IT!

What do you think? Do you like the idea of guns being around you or your family while they are eating dinner? Do you think that it is OK? This is all just my opinion since I have kids and I am responsible for lots of others in the restaurant that I work at.

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  1. Personally, I think it’s the reponsibility for everyone to be armed.

    The law allowing you to carry in restaurants is simply in addition to the other places you can carry – and how often does someone get shot for not giving you free sweet and sour at mcdonalds? or bad driving? or talking in a movie theater? And if the number of any of those is above 1, was that person lisenced to have the firearm?

    It’s the people who matter. chances are, if you live in an urban area you are in the presence of guns all the time and just don’t know it – both legal and illegal.

    Now imagine a gun-toting customer at Chilis witnesses a daylight robbery, or a nut starts shooting up the place – dozens of people will be saved by that gun-toting restaraunt-eating customer when he pulls said gun, points it at the mass-murderer-to-be, and blow his f**king head off.

    God Bless America

  2. Big Robby, I know that they have always been there. I have seen them and I have dealt with them. I also know that 99.9% of the time the person that carries will abide by the laws that give them the right to carry….but say that the gun toting customer at Chilis does get into this shoot out with this mass-murderer-to-be and kills a couple of innocent people as well…isn’t that the Wild west that I mentioned before? As I said I own a gun and I also am protected by a gun on a nightly basis. But I guess that my point is possible consumption of alcohol, gun toting, and kids just isn’t safe. Again, just my opinion.

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