Hidden Fees

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So a while back my wife and I were having some financial problems. She is a stay at home mom and I am in the restaurant industry. Long story short, I lost my job with one company and was out of work for almost three months. Needless to say, things started piling up and some bills got behind. Some of our creditors were very understanding and others, that I dealt with, have NEVER had a problem in their entire lives if you know what I mean. Things can just get out of control when you are down on your luck.

Recently we had another little rough patch. All we needed was to get to my bonus check to level it off and get money back in the bank. Well we decided to pay off a couple of small bills and to get things straightened out with others. We had all of the checks out and things in line for this to happen. I decided to look in my account to check what all had made it through and what I found was devastating! Direct TV had gone into MY BANK ACCOUNT and taken almost $500 dollars out of my account. This act just started causing a train wreck in my account. Things were bouncing, Overdraft fees were adding up, thing getting sent back unpaid, and I was overdrawn now close to $1000. I have been in a battle with them for weeks now and I have only recovered $187 so far but I have people working on it. I will never deal with them again!

All of that was said to say this. There are hidden fees and hidden terms in everything these days. I didn’t even sign a contract or give them permission to take money from my account. They just could because of terms of agreement. My bank charged all of these fees because of this. I recently went to pay a water bill that was late. I had late fees but it was NOT shut off. I still had to pay a $25 reconnection fee anyway. I dropped my direct deposit until I get my account straightened out because when this all happened my checks were swallowed by all of the fees which in turn caused more fees. So I received a paper check and went to the bank that the check was from to cash it. The teller tells me that there will be a $5 FEE to cash the check since I do not have an account with them. She then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to open an account with them to which I replied No THANK YOU! That $5 fee just sealed that deal for you!

The bottom line is this and it goes out to all of the businesses that make their money from fees. IF THE PERSON OR PEOPLE ARE OVERDRAWN OR BEHIND ON BILLS, THEY DO NOT HAVE MONEY TO PAY YOUR FEES! YOU ARE MAKING AN ALREADY TOUGH SITUATION THAT MUCH WORSE! GET YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!! Leave the struggling alone we just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel and YOU are in the way so MOVE!

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  1. This is a topic I can certainly relate to – the credit card guys aren’t much better.

  2. Dude, great blog! This is a story to which we can all relate. DirecTV…I’ve had my problems with them. You have to watch them like a hawk but in the end, if your persistent, you can get your way. Here’s the biggest irony of all: all these companies that charge late fees, have you ever seen how long it takes them (say with an insurance company) to pay you when you have a credit? It takes six weeks minimum! Wouldn’t it be sweet justice to charge them late fees!

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