Tennessee Titan’s Tuesday

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Well it is finally here! FOOTBALL TIME!!!! Yes I am a huge football fan and look forward to this time of year every year! I had to work Sunday night but I recorded the game and stayed up to watch until around 4:00 AM. The Titan’s came out wearing the colors and logo of the Houston Oiler’s. The helmets looked fantastic with a little reminder on the back of the former team leader that was murdered on July 4th of this year. The number 9 was displayed on the back of all of the Titan’s helmets. The game was played in Canton Ohio against the Buffalo Bills also in throw back uniforms. The offense came out and looked great at first but the drive came to an end a little passed mid field. The Titan’s sent in the punting unit and surprised everyone with the play of the game. A.J. Trapasso punter from Ohio State took off on a fake punt and ran 40 yards for a touchdown. WOW! It was amazing! The crowd went crazy for the hometown player! Later in the first quarter LenDale White pounded his way for a three yard touchdown after Chris Johnson had carried the ball for around 17 total yards. The first team left the game leading 14 -0 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, Vince Young made his preseason debut. He was moving around and was picked off pretty early in the quarter when the receiver went the wrong way. Later on Vince threw a beautiful touch pass to Paul Williams in the back of the endzone for a touchdown. The Bills never really got anything going but the score ended 21-18. The Bills had 3 field goals and then Reggie Corner intercepted a Titan pass and ran 26 yards to the house for a touchdown! The Titans gave up the final two points to end the game bay taking a safety to run time off of the clock. I think that the Tennessee Titans will have an amazing year this year and I am excited to see what the offense has in store for the opponents. Look out everyone It looks like the Titan’s are LOADED!!!

* This is obviously just my view of things. I am not affiliated with the Titan’s at all*

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  1. Best of luck on a great season. We will be rooting for the Eagles. We do miss the football when the season is not going on. Glad things are starting back up.

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