The Loss of A Sister

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Have you ever spent so much time with someone growing up that they became family? That is the way my “SISTER” Tania was to my family. Our mothers were friends long before we were even born. Tania was just an added addition to our family as my sister, brother, and I were to hers. We grew up aggravating the crap out of each other just like we were supposed to do as siblings. We would just try to get each other in trouble. One time I wrote her name on the wall to get her in to it with our parents but I spelled it wrong so guess who got the sore butt?! I would give her a ride to school only if she rode in the floor board so nobody could see her with me. There were a lot of serious times that we shared as well.There were also times that we really depended on each other and we were there no questions asked. Now don’t get me wrong we joked on each other later!

The other day I got a call that she was in the hospital and I went to see her a couple of days later. She had been in A coma since she had been there. I went in and tickled her feet just trying to get that reaction like I used to. Nothing! That night she was declared brain dead….WOW! Tania was 36 years old she has children of the ages of 19,8, and 6. Tania was an organ donor as well and we found out that the next day at least four people were operated on with her organs. Still there for other people.

We laid her to rest today and I watched those children say goodbye to their young mother…..I tell you this. I have told anyone and everyone especially my wife and kids that I love them because you never know BUT I want them to know that I love them. I will miss my beautiful sister Tania and I hope she knew that I loved her!

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear that and for your loss. I have several ‘brothers’ that I’m as close to as my real brother, so I understand what she meant to you.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. While I don’t know you personally, I’ll keep your family and Tania’s family in my prayers.

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