Fans VS Bandwagon Fans

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It is Sunday night right after the Super Bowl was played between the Colts and the Saints. I know that most of America was pulling for the Saints to get New Orleans a Super Bowl victory for the first time in franchise history. They pulled it out and I think that it is a great thing for that city especially after what has been going on there since Katrina hit. For that I say Go Saints and Congrats on a great season! That being said, let me give you my background as a fan. I live in Tennessee so we didn’t have a team until about 10 or 11 years ago. So we had to adopt NFL teams however we saw fit. I myself liked Dallas when I was little because they were in the first Super Bowl that I watched with my granddaddy. I stopped liking them when Jerry Jones came in and fired Tom Landry. I then started following Denver and Buffalo until finally the Tennessee Titans were brought to town by way of Houston. Now I am a Titan and always will be! In college I am a Tennessee Vol fan and I like to see Vanderbilt do good except when they play Tennessee. I also pull for M.T.S.U. since I work in the neighborhood and attended the school when I got older.

All of that was said to form my next opinion………

DO NOT BE A BANDWAGON FAN!!!! Do not come to me tomorrow saying that you have been saying the Saints were gonna win the Super Bowl all year when I know for a fact you were a Pittsburg Steeler fan last year!!! You know who you are! You are the same Florida Gator fan that was wearing the Alabama shirt after the National Title game. Give me a break! It is OK to pick a team on Super Bowl Sunday if your team didn’t make it but save the POO POO for someone else because I don’t want to hear it! I will be happy to point you all out tomorrow when all of you “Saints” fans that have been living in the closet in Tennessee or anywhere else, other that New Orleans, for all of these years finally support “your” team!

P.S. We will welcome you all back to wear your Titans jersey’s next year when Tennessee wins the Super Bowl!!!! LOL………YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE……..don’t get rid of those Patriot jerseys yet because I have a feeling about them too!!!

Be a true fan pick your team and stick with them. You are not fooling anyone but yourself and you may be getting suspicious!

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  1. You’re totally correct.

    I think I was going for the Colts because everyone else was going for the Saints.

    I’m in San Antonio. The Saints came here to practice after Katrina. That’s when my town fell in love with them. I still feel it might be mostly bandwagon, but can understand the connection.

    I also went to Texas A&M University. I’m an Aggie. Our arch enemies are the Texas Longhorns. EVERYONE is a bandwagon Texas fan here. It sickens me. They’re the ones who get the most pissed off when you talk crap about “their” team.

    I know my Aggies suck. 1939 National Champs Baby. But I support them forever.

    My professional footballs teams are Dallas and The Titans. I will always have a love for the Titans and will probably always call them The Oilers. I’m originally from Houston and grew up loving them.

    I can’t for all good faith put The Texans over The Titans. It’s like a cheap knock off.

  2. Ha! Loved this. Hate bandwagon fans. I loved all the folks that started wearing Patriots jerseys after they won their first Super Bowl. I wore aa Grogan jersey growing up in South Jersey when they were awful.

    Once the playoffs came around I picked the Saints as my team for this season because I’d rather eat glass than root for the Jets, Ravens, Chargers or Colts.

  3. Thanks guys! Eric you have every right to pull for the Saints because your city adopted them. But I am with you I was pulling for Peyton and the Colts because they are in our division and of course Peyton from UT.

    LOL PJ they are the arch rivals and pretty much ONLY competition for the Patriots over the past few years.

  4. I was rooting for the Colts because I’ve always been a huge Peyton Manning fan, and because the Saints beat my team 🙁 I hated seeing all the bandwagoners too!

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