Snow Days

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The snow came fast and hard this weekend. I don’t know how many of you got hit with this storm down in the south. We live in Tennessee and got blasted where I live with about five inches of snow and then topped off with about two inches of ice. That is not a real good combo…..BUT….the kids LOVED it!

They started playing at around nine in the morning on Saturday and didn’t stop until around three today. OH….YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WAS THAT EASY DID YOU? On Saturday, the sledding began. You know that someone is getting hurt regardless. It could be the sledders. It could be someone just standing watching. Heck it could be someone just looking out the window trying to see. IT WAS THE SLEDDERS! My eight year old went down the hill on a piece of wood with rope to hold onto……that’s what I said. He made it the first trip but the second trip down ended ugly….yep….he hit a tree! In his defense, there were a few trees down there. Later in the day, my little princess wanted to go down (on the piece of wood with rope). This trip ended poorly… know the guide wire that holds the telephone poles in place? She hit one with her face! BLACK EYE! She did get back on though.

Well on Sunday, we saved the kids from sledding at grandma’s house and brought them home. They got home to see all of the neighborhood children sledding in the yard already. OUT THEY WENT. They grabbed some realty signs they had borrowed and headed for the front yard. Things were looking good…UNTIL….my son wrapped around a tree…AGAIN! I have to say, we only have three trees in the yard on two acres. I said son you have got to learn to abandon ship! Well he is back at it and here comes his little sister…THE PRINCESS(and her black eye). She is flying down the hill and all of a sudden the sign turns around on her and she can’t keep her balance. Complete backwards flip. I just held my breath because it looked bad. She got up butt crack full of snow and bright smile on her face ready to go again.

Well we made it! I guess, if the snow is still on the ground tomorrow, we will risk it all again. They had so much fun! Who knows, maybe Big Daddy will get on the slopes…….hope the EMT’s can get to me…there are still two trees we haven’t hit!

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