What Would You Do?

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So we’ve been on the move around here. We had to move from our house to an apartment in order to be able to afford everyday life and desires to take trips when we can. The kids are trying to adjust to living here as well. They were able to stay in the same school, but had to leave the neighborhood that they have lived in all of their lives so far. So, it was time to make new friends and explore the apartment complex. The kids have decided to ride their bikes all over the place and have made a lot of friends in the month that we have been here.

The other day, I got a knock at the door. When I went to the door, it was a young man in his early twenties. He asked me if the bikes outside were my kids bikes. I told him that they were. He said that one of them had hit his truck and scratched it. I asked him if he had seen which one and he said that he had not but knew it was one of them because they were the only ones that rode bikes through his area. So I walked with this guy to his truck and looked at the scratch on it. It was a six inch scratch for sure. I asked him again how he knew that it was my kids because my kids ride with five other kids every day. He said again that my kids were the only ones that rode through the area by his truck. I told him that I would ask my children when they got home from school and that they would tell me. Gabriel and Isabella got home about an hour later and I sat them down and asked the question about the truck. Gabriel got upset and said that he rode through the area, flipped over his handle bars and hit his head. He said that he was hurt so he just got up and brought his bike back home. I made him apologize to the guy and take ownership of what he did. My son just turned nine and has never been in this situation but the guy was nice to him and said if something like that happens just tell me and I am glad you are alright.

A couple of days pass and this guy knocks on my door again with an estimate to fix the scratch on his truck for almost $800. The were two estimates for $750 both on the same format in the same type of print from magically two different companies. There was stuff on there that had nothing to do with a scratch I can tell you that. I don’t have $800 for this guy so my wife tells him to turn it into his insurance and we will pay the deductible. He comes back a week later and says that is $1000. This is a scratch from a bike of a nine year old kid on a truck that already has scratches every where. I want to make our part right but for $800 I could buy my kid 9 bikes like he is riding right now. Give me a break!!! What would you do?
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