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So I find myself watching TV shows that would have my grandmother praying for me on the spot. I have been watching WEEDS, Dexter, True Blood, and Sons of Anarchy. These shows are some that I have easy access to on my TV’s On Demand as well as on Netflix.

Do you think that I am going to Hell for wanting the serial killer to get the bad guy and take him to the plastic covered room with all of the bad guy’s memories plastered everywhere for him to look at while Dexter shoves his knife through his chest? I pull for Dexter every time because he is taking out the evil people that kill and hurt innocent victims. He is doing what ninety percent of the population say that they would do or wish that they could do. What a concept for a TV show.

How about a single mother that sells ….well….WEED to take care of her children since their father died and she had no job or work experience. She had to pay the bills and put food on the table so she did the only thing she could find to do that was easy and very profitable….sounds easy right?.

Then there are the vampires that I like to watch fighting the witches. They have the help of a fairykind Sookie but the witches are still really powerful and are showing their strength. Now I don’t believe in shape shifters, vampires, and witches but I have seen a few werewolves in my time.

Who could forget the Sons of Anarchy? These bikers find themselves gun running while fighting rival gangs for business area as well as bragging rights. This show comes back on this week and I am still trying to get me a Harley to ride out and join SAMCRO.

Now I don’t believe or condone any of these behaviors. I am saying that I watch every episode back to back just to keep up and stay ahead of the GANG….LOL….GAME. I am truly fascinated by the shows that are on and can hardly wait the time it takes to get from Finale the previous season to season premier of the next season. This is why I love watching a whole season in a day. I guess I could watch the news everyday but that would really give me nightmares!

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  1. I think we are fascinated by things we cannot or should not do…that’s the obsession with TV and movies!

    I am your newest follower….sent by Southern Bella’s Ways to Save. Look forward to reading more….

  2. Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows. Genius. and theres nothing else out there like it!

  3. my daughter loves sons of anarchy!!! i dont really get it, but she wont miss an episode, and they even had a sons of anarchy party!!! i dont know…..pretty strange…..LOL

  4. I love most of these shows, too! I also continue to subscribe to Netflix for their on demand, despite their recent price changes leaving a bad taste in my mouth, because I hate to miss out on some of this stuff and I don’t get many premium channels on my cable service anyway.

  5. I love love love Dexter and True Blood. I have been wanting to watch Weeds for a while now and your post makes me even more sure of that! I too root for the vamps and serial killer. LOL
    14earth at gmail dot com

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