Dove Men + Care Review

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So I received some amazing products for men from Dove to try out. I have been trying these items for the last month to be able to give my honest opinion.

· New Dove Men + Care, from the #1 dermatologist recommended brand Dove, is built on the brand’s heritage in cleansing, moisturizing and care.

· The new Dove Men + Care Sensitive Clean Body and Face Wash clinically fights dryness better than regular men’s body washes.* o Formulated specifically for men who prefer a mild, unscented body and face wash. o Hypoallergenic and created without dyes and fragrances for sensitive skin, and its pH neutral formula guarantees a gentle, comforting clean.

· The new Dove Men + Care Deodorants and Antiperspirants are formulated to provide advanced 48-hour protection, so they’re tough on sweat, not on skin.

I can honestly say that I am impressed with the whole set that I received. The Dove Men + Care Sensitive Clean Body and Face wash is my new favorite. I have battled dry skin my entire life and have even been on medicine’s for it especially toward the fall and winter months. My skin is not dry and itching and it just has an overall healthy feeling. I also like The new Dove Men + Care Deodorant. I have had deodorants in the past that were pretty harsh under the arm. Some would even burn or breakout. I have had no issue like this at all and even still feel fresh after a twelve hour day at work. Yes I have been given these products to review but I really like all of them and will be buying my own when I run through the ones that I reviewed. Here are some extra tips from Dr. Benabio;

● It’s ok to drop the soap. Guys often rely on a generic bar of soap (or worse, shampoo), to wash their body. These products are too harsh and strip essential oils from skin. Also, the dryness caused by soap is cumulative – the more you use it, the worse it becomes. Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash is clinically proven to fight skin dryness with no irritation or tightness.

● Leg sensitivity. The skin on your legs is particularly prone to eczema, winter dermatitis, and other forms of skin irritation so when you’re in the shower, use products like Dove Men+Care Sensitive Clean Body and Face Wash with a pH neutral formula that guarantees a gentle, comforting clean for men prone to skin irritations.

● Choose a deodorant like you choose a mate. About half of men experience some form of underarm discomfort, which is usually the result of a harsh deodorant. It’s best to switch to deodorants that are non-irritating and/or hypoallergenic – try out a few different brands until you find one that works best with your skin. Dove Men+Care antiperspirants and deodorants, for example, are specifically formulated with non-irritating and hydrating ingredients to help combat dryness. (And never treat with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to “disinfect” the trouble spots – the problem is almost never an infection, it’s usually a contact irritation.)

● Different seasons, different skincare needs. Your skin has alternating requirements, based on the season. Over the summer, it’s important to apply sunscreen to protect skin from the harsh summer sun, while in the winter, dryness becomes the big issue so be sure to moisturize often.

***Disclosure: I received samples of Dove Men + Care to review***

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  1. love the review my husband will love it,,he needs something new to try

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