I Ain’t Eating no Butt!

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Well my son is a very picky eater. He gets it honest because his mother is pretty picky too. A while back, I wrote a post about his tongue itching when he eats certain foods. I can only relate that to the gagging, saliva filled feeling that you get when you are about to spit what you have in your mouth across the room…..I think I have that feeling right now just talking about it….***GAAAAAGGG!!***
When we get Gabriel to try a food it is a small win. When we get Gabriel to try something new and he likes it…VICTORY! We have also learned over time that we do not tell Gabriel the truth when he asks questions about the food or his little gifted brain starts working overtime.

So the day after Thanksgiving, I was at work and my wife and kids were at my mother’s house with my extended family. The kids are runners on holidays. They run outside to get things, they take out trash, they get drinks,etc. Well, that night, they told Gabriel to go outside and get the Butt. he said,”Butt?” they said,” Yes the Boston Butt outside in the refrigerator.” He said,”It’s not really butt is it?” they said, “What do you think BBQ is?” Gabriel then says,”I ain’t eatin no Butt!” They said, “you eat ham don’t you?” *hands over ears*,”LALALALALA” ….”where do you think bacon comes from?” *hands over ears*,”LALALALALA”.”and hamburgers?” My wife said that you could see his eyes rolling back in his head, saliva falling from the sides of his mouth and his face getting pale as he said again,” I ain’t eatin no butt!”

About the time that the BUTT came out of the oven from the reheat, I came in. They told me the story and I said he will never eat BBQ again. About 15 minutes later, it was time for dinner and he put one of those sandwiches on his plate to prove everyone wrong…I WAS PROUD!…He was gonna just fight through it and eat it anyway because in his heart he knew it tasted really good and he liked it…BUT…..or should I say BUTT….he put one bite in his mouth and I just happened to be watching him at the time…He lurched, gagged, turned pale, and then looked to see if anyone had seen it. I caught his eye when this happened and his eyes said…DAD, IF YOU DO NOT SAVE ME FROM THIS BUTT, I WILL NOT LIVE ONE MORE DAY!

Of course I rescued my boy…we will see if he still eats bacon or ham, but we are running out of options!

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  1. Hey Big Daddy…You did the story well…as I knew you would!!
    Folks this was soooooo funny to all of us except Gabriel.
    We all have so much fun together and we all love the kids so much.
    Love you Gabriel…more than you can know!!!
    Aunt Wimmie

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