You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

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So we moved into a bigger home because the kids were getting bigger. We needed more space to say the least. We stayed in the same neighborhood so the kids are on the same bus and hang with the same kids. There are also newer kids in the area now so there are twice as many. We like to keep the children within shouting distance for their safety and our peace of mind. There is a lot of construction traffic going in and out of the neighborhood and I am a very protective BEAR! Anyway, because of this, we have become the hangout area for all of the kids in the neighborhood…..ALL OF THE KIDS!!!! I never knew that there were that many in the area. When I pull up from work, I feel like Shrek in the swamp! This is my swamp go away!! Not really, I kind of like it but it can become very loud. I must admit that I thought that my children were loud…….HA HA!!! They can’t even compare to the quietest of this group! My children are not loud at all! It is amazing the difference! So yesterday started out with the kids playing hide and seek. Some were in the front and some were in the back. I had them climbing over the fence, climbing on the HVAC unit, climbing on cars, ETC… I had to put a stop to all of the climbing. That stuff is all new and I am not looking to replacing it all this quickly if you know what I mean. Well, It got quiet for a few minutes and I knew that something was fishy… know the feeling that I had….something is happening…I don’t know what but it’s going on right now! A few minute later, I got my answer. A couple of the boys had pulled out B B guns and opened fire. They were shooting straight up in the air and eventually, you guessed it, Someone got shot! My son came in first and said I am done with that . I said done with what? He told me about the B B guns and said that an older kid tried to get them to stop shooting and he got shot in the arm. No we didn’t have any injuries this time, but a few months ago , my daughter was hit by a B B in the leg and it did break skin. So I am thinking that Where is my daughter? A few minutes later she comes in breathing heavy….”WHEW”….she says….I’m done with that!! LOL smart kids I guess. So today we are going to dig foxholes in the front yard and set some traps and get these boys back. Maybe a good water balloon upside the head in February will get the point across. NO GUNS AROUND KIDS KNUCKLEHEADS! Wait a minute….you are kids!! Maybe proper supervision of kids with B B guns would be better. Look, I had B B guns and pellet guns when I was a boy but I could never get them out unless a parent was around to supervise. Do you wanna know why? I took a tube of B B’s and loaded them into my gun and shot everyone of them into the posters that were on my wall. I had a lot of posters. It was so much fun! I forgot about it and found other cool stuff to do. About a year later, we were packing to move into a new home and my mother took all of my posters down to pack………………..Anyway………kids should not have guns without supervision. I am glad the older kid was there or someone could have really been hurt. Ok,so you want to know what happened when my mother took the posters down off of the wall….I RAN!!! But I didn’t make it….She stopped me with one swift movement. She made me look at all of the holes in the wall. I said that I did not shoot the wall…I shot my posters on the wall. I was thirteen when that took place. When I woke up I was twenty nine…LMAO! I got in so much trouble for that. I never forgot the rules again. I am lucky that I did get in trouble for it though or maybe I would have put my eye or someone else’s eye for that matter. Just supervise children with access to weapons….sometimes they are not just B B Guns.

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  1. Very good advice! Our oldest son is 18 and a few years ago he went through a paintball phase. He was always closely supervised while playing and wore protective gear, etc. But, one day he was at our neighbor’s house hanging out. They were just sitting outside cleaning and organizing their paintball stuff. His friend didn’t realize his paintball gun was loaded and “playfully” shot at my son….a paintball hit my son point blank in the eye, causing him to have a torn and detached retina. He had to have a major surgery, placing a permanent scleral buckle in his eye in order to save his vision. Without successfull surgery, he would’ve lost sight in that eye. The recovery was brutal! He had to remain in a face-down position 24-7 for 10+ days. This was one of the scariest things we’ve ever been through and it all happened because of kids goofing off. Thankfully, he is okay but now has to wear a contact lens in that eye because his vision is no longer perfect. I know this probably sounds very dramatic, but we are proof of the importance of supervising kids at all times when there’s any kind of projectile/gun involved.

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