Bruiser….The Crazy Cat

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Our cat is possessed by the cat psycho!

When my son and daughter were younger they wanted a cat. I fought it off for a few weeks until one day I decided to give in. I gave in a little too much because I got them both a cat. My daughter was a big Hello Kitty fan so we named the girl kitten Hello Kitty, which Isabella could not say, so it became Hi-Yo. The other cat was a little runt of the litter that we named Bruiser. Hey, I thought it was a cool name for a tiny cat like him. The problem is that he grew into him name. This cat is huge!!!! They quickly became part of the family (even though I really did not care for cats).

A couple of years ago we lost Hi-Yo to a passing car. The kids were very upset obviously as were Kas and I. Needless to say, Bruiser became the focus point of the family.So now, the more I watch this cat….the more I know that he is possessed!!!

Sometimes, I put my hand beside the bed while I am on top of it and he pops his little claws into my fingers, anytime that I walk near him he doesn’t move, he rolls onto his back and attacks my feet and legs. He will be asleep on the couch and then suddenly…..JUMP UP…..and then RUN LIKE HELL to the next room…..FREAKY LITTLE THING!!! He rises up and starts peeking down the hall when I know that no other person is here. He will walk away from where he was looking at the same time look back over his shoulder at that spot. Bruiser also likes to knock your drink over. Yeah at first we thought that it was because he was out of water…not the case…just crazy!!

Last night, I had to close at work so I got in late. Kas and the kids were gone for the night. I was in bed and had just turned the lights off and really already dozing. This cat came…..FLYING UP THE STAIRS!!!……TURNED THE CORNER INTO MY ROOM!!!!……HIT HIS BUTT OR HEAD ON THE BED!!!(depends on if he loses control)….RUNS UNDER ONE SIDE OF THE BED AND OUT THE OTHER!!!!……..BACK DOWN THE STAIRS!!!!…..UP ON THE COUNTER!!!!(I know because I hear the dishes hit the floor)…..BACK UP THE STAIRS!!!!……ON THE BED WITH ME!!!!!…….STARING ME RIGHT IN THE EYES!!!!

I looked at him for a minute there in the dark…..I could make out his features pretty good because at that point my eyes had adjusted. I got up and went out into the hall way and said….Come here buddy….here kitty, kitty, kitty……he came out there with me….MEOW! Meow!…..SLAM!!!!….I shut his big butt out in the hall and went to sleep!

He isn’t really saying much to me today! Crazy Cat!

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