Surviving My Daughter

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How am I ever going to survive my daughter? I love her and she will always be my little princess but she has turned into a DIVA/TOMBOY!!! Does that make any sense to anyone?

She has the same problem that I had as a child…..she is accident prone!! The problem with that is that she is a daredevil as well. I am never going to make it through her childhood! It was scary enough when she joined gymnastics but we did that to help her control the accident prone issue. I still can’t watch and she has been doing it for 2 years now. She also likes boys, purses, makeup, dresses, etc. You know, all the things that most girls like.

The other day, my son and I went to the walking trail and just as we finished up my wife called. She told me that Bella fell off of the top of the swing and she can’t catch her breathe. I rush home and get the entire story. She had climbed on top of the monkey bars, flipped to hang upside down, and then fell and hit her face on the swing flipping her again to land on her back and knock the wind out of her. She could have broken her neck! I was relieved that she was ok and had a talk with her about not being a daredevil and showing off. As a matter of fact DO NOT CLIMB ON TOP OF THE MONKEY BARS AGAIN!!!! YOU WILL BE GROUNDED!!! Well she got that message and agreed immediately. It was two days later that my son and I were coming home again from the walking trail. I said “Gabriel, tell me that I do not see what I think I see!” Gabriel said ” What is she doing on top of that thing?” At that point, she saw us pulling in the parking lot and JUMPED off the top of the dumpster pad enclosure that is twice as high as the monkey bars mind you. I looked at her and walked into the house knowing full well that she had broken her ankle again by the way she was limping. Well, she didn’t break anything thank God. She came in the house and cried to me “am I grounded?” I said no, I guess that I didn’t tell you not to climb on that but you have got to stop being such a daredevil! From now on if you climb that you will be grounded….it is too dangerous for you. You are only 8 years old.

“Daddy, not doing dangerous things is boring!”


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  1. You will survive as we all have with our children…and remembering will be fun and bring many fun memory times to the family later on!!
    I think she learned some of this from someone she knows…HUH?!!

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