This Family Is A Disney Family

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Every time that we drive to Disney World we get there in the middle of the night. I still can’t wait to see the Welcome to Disney World sign even after our thirteenth trip. I think that I get more excited than my kids when we finally arrive. Not just for the fact that we just drove twelve hours but that we are really back to our home away from home. I guess that I am just a big kid when it comes to that place. We just got back and I am trying to plan our next trip even now! Anyway, lets just go through a typical trip for us.

This trip we stayed at an Amazing house with Global Resorts. This place was huge. There were several bedrooms, several bathrooms, a pool, a hot tub, pool table, air hockey, and an outstanding Kitchen. We did not want to leave this house. I felt like I belonged in that community. We stay with Global Resorts every other trip and the properties are always amazing. I seriously want to move there! Now! For real!

The first day we made our way to Magic Kingdom. This is our starting point every trip. The feeling that you get when you get to Main Street and look straight ahead and see the castle. Man, that is such a great feeling to know that you are finally back! We make our way down main street and sometimes get the Photopass people to take our picture or the kids picture. We also take a ton of pictures for ourselves. It’s funny that we have been there so many time and end up with a lot of the same pictures from previous visits. You can tell what we really like. We make our way through the park making sure to get to everyone’s favorite attraction. The first day is so great and also very tiring. I can still feel the excitement and my feet hurting afterwards. Our family also traditionally eats at Ohana in the Polynesian Resort. It is out of this world. They bring all of the steak, shrimp, turkey, and chicken that you can eat around to your table all through your meal. This is by far my favorite restaurant in Disney.

Throughout the rest of our visit we park hop from park to park until we have done everything that we have wanted to do. It is really cool to find new things that we have never seen in all of our trips. We always find something new or do something that we have never done before. You really could stay at the parks for 3 or 4 weeks and not do everything. Just this visit we saw Devine for the first time at Animal Kingdom. We have been looking for her for years and now we have seen her.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is also one of our favorite events. We have been four times and it never gets old. We purchased tickets seperate from our normal park hoppers and went on the Party night to Magic Kingdom. The great part is that the park closes to people that do not have party tickets at 7:00 PM. That means the park is less crowded for one and the lines are small. When you go, everyone gets a bag for trick or treating. As you make your way through the park you find the Goofy Candy Factory markers and that’s where the candy is. They are everywhere! I am bouncing off the walls just thinking about all of the candy my KIDS ate!!! You also spend time with the Villains,
watch the Boo To You Parade, and enjoy the special fireworks. What a blast!! No pun intended!!

The bottom line is that my family makes memories that last a lifetime. We decided that we don’t need fancy items, new cars, boats, or lots of flashy things. We enjoy taking trips with each other and spending time together. Disney is a special place for us all now and hopefully well into the future!

I’ve got to plan our next trip! We just came home on the 7th and I miss it already!

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