New Orleans, The PROS and CONS

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Let me start by saying, I Love New Orleans!! I can’t wait to get back! We stayed at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel this time and it was Amazing. The city has so much to offer. The history, music, French Quarter, people, and food are to die for……BUT……..what I want to talk about is the Pros, Cons, hustlers, cross dressers, silver people and Bourbon Street!

If you have ever been there, you know all about what I am talking about. You can’t walk 10 feet without seeing a man in a skirt, bra, high heels, and a cowboy hat walking down the street. I mean you have drunk Homer Simpson sitting on a trash can drinking a Duff beer, Superman standing on a street corner, people everywhere painted head to toe in Silver paint waiting for you to throw money in their bucket. There are kids with bottle caps on the bottom of shoes tap dancing. There can be a show break out anywhere in the street just all at once with no warning, musicians on every corner… can be overwhelming.

Then there are the Con artists….you will start to pick up on them after a few minutes there. Two years ago they were saying “If I can tell you where you got your shoes will you give me a dollar?” So they want you to say yes…guess where I got them….so they can say, “you got em on yo feet!” This time they just say “I like your shoes, I bet I know where you got em” expecting the same answer from me. ….oh, but I throw them a curve ball and say, I got em on my feet!! “no sir you got em on yo socks!”…..DAMN!!!!! They then come up with all this other nonsense about how many kids yo daddy had, and how many feet are in a baseball field, and I just don’t care and I am not giving you my dollar and i just want a huge ass beer just like the sign says….LEAVE ME ALONE!

Now as we are walking down the street, there are tons and tons of strip clubs, bars, clubs, daiquiri shops, and Voo Doo stores. Every bar or club has a bouncer or a door person out in the street trying to push you into the bar they are working at with offers of No Cover, 2 for 1 , or the now famous 3 for 1. It is just WOW!! The next thing you know, the police (or so you think) is pulling you to the side and about to cite you for not having fun on Bourbon street…wait a minute what? Oh….just another Con man trying to get you to buy a hat. They are everywhere….you can see them cutting their eyes towards you and cutting right to you to start the game.

The next thing you know, it is 4 AM and time to go….TO THE CASINO!!!! The night will never end and when it does, it is time to start over. So you fall asleep in your smoke filled clothes and you know it….I still got my shoes on my feet!!

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  1. I once had a rough encounter with Chicory coffee the morning after a night before. It taught me to always be cautious in New Orleans.
    Harold Gardner recently posted..Empire Avenue Strategies & ThoughtsMy Profile

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