Pads, Tampons, and Other Girl Stuff. Oh My!

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Honey, I need you to go to the store for me! It’s an Emergency! I need Feminine products! Super Long, extra absorbent, double lips, thin, maxi, with wings,Aero dynamic pearls……………………..UH What?…………………….What on Earth is a man to do? Have you ever been to one of these aisles in the store. You know, the one with five men staring and scratching their heads! Why can’t we just keep some in stock at the house? Why must I have to venture into the feminine product Abyss? I get so confused by the Super, Thin, Maxi, Long, wings, Pearl, Tampax, Tampon, Pad, Kotex, ETC!!….Just sayin….are there really Pearls in those things? Why can’t they be Small, Medium, Large? It is overwhelming and when you are standing there trying to figure it all out……IT NEVER FAILS………your child’s teacher walks up and says hello……..WHY NOW? I was gonna sneak up and pay for them at the register with the older lady working(can’t go to a man’s line). BUT, I can’t even find what I’m looking for because the teacher won’t go away!!!


I really have to figure this out because I have seen the women in the ads that have the right product. They are not in a bad mood, the are very beautiful, and very active. It has to be the product because my wife always tells me how great she feels when she needs these products. So, You can find me at the nearest retailer on the Feminine product aisle….making a difference in my wife’s life! And Mine! And The kid’s! And The Cat’s! And whoever crosses her path!


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  1. Your kid’s teacher or even better a buddy from the local tavern while you are trying to pay out. I am confident this is some test of courage women provide for us to validate our relationship status.
    Harold Gardner recently posted..Empire Avenue Strategies & ThoughtsMy Profile

  2. I personally avoid that aisle at all costs lol. My partner does the shopping in that department, because I – like you – would surely run into someone and get embarrassed. 🙂
    Sadie recently posted..10 New Years Eve Makeup IdeasMy Profile

  3. Heck, I get confused when shopping for pads for myself. There really are too many choices… though I’m not sure any have double lips LOL
    Darcy recently posted..10 New Year’s Eve Game Night Party IdeasMy Profile

  4. I imagine this is an odd predicament to put a man in. You do have a great sense of humor about it! Fun read!
    Angela recently posted..The Only Time It’s Okay to Eat with Your Hands – Medieval Times Dinner and TournamentMy Profile

  5. Wow….I think I love dad bloggers. 🙂 How refreshing! I have to say, I’m GLAD I don’t have girls! I’m a mom to 3 young boys, and that’s challenging enough; I couldn’t imagine facing teen GIRLS! 🙂 But hey, we all had our crushes. Mine was the New Kids on the Block. HA! And I turned out ok. Not TOO boy-crazed now. LOL. Great read!

    P.S> Feel free to stop by and say hi over at Thrift Diving! 🙂

    Thrift Diving
    Serena @ Thrift Diving recently posted..BEFORE & AFTER: Wood Wine BoxMy Profile

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