Can’t Taste The Liquor

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When you go out to a bar or club, and you order a mixed drink, are you looking for a drink that taste great? Are you the type that likes to taste the liquor in the drink? I have an opinion! If I go out,whether it be to a bar, club, or restaurant and order a drink, I expect to get what I order. If I am ordering a drink with fruit juices, I guess that I would expect to taste fruit juices. If I was to order a Daiquiri, no matter what flavor, I would expect to taste the flavor of the Daiquiri over the liquor. I have friends that order Dewars and water…..guess what……it’s watered down Dewars. If I am having a night out that I want to taste the liquor…..I WILL ORDER IT STRAIGHT!!


I bar tended  for years, and can’t tell you how many times that people would come to the bar saying,”there’s no liquor in this!” I would turn and look and it was a Long Island Ice Tea……IT’S ALMOST ALL LIQUOR!!….If it is made correctly, you will not taste liquor. Or the person that would come up with the Jim Beam and water saying “this is watered down!”……..DUDE……..YOU ORDERED JIM BEAM AND WATER……..I AGREE IT’S WATERED DOWN!!!! There were so many stories like this from the bar that it isn’t even funny. The things that people say to a bartender are sometimes unbelievable, especially if you cut them off because they have been over served. You go from best friend to worst enemy in seconds!


ANYWAY….Back to the lesson…..If you want to taste the liquor……..order it straight up or on the side and then you will taste the liquor. If you do get more liquor added to your drink, expect to be charged for a double. If you want a fruity drink or a ice cream drink or something, which is fine, just expect that you probably aren’t going to taste the alcohol….you’re not supposed to. I’m really just a beer and a shot man now anyway. I don’t even drink a lot anymore except socially every now and then but still see and over hear these things all of the time….there it is….my two cents!! Make sure you take a designated driver or a cab when you are done….Have fun and be safe!



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  1. I myself like to taste both the alcohol and the fruity mixer of my choosing, which is why I go to the bar I go to in Portland, OR. They’re not stingy on the booze, and as long as they continue to do this, I will be a lifelong customer! LOL
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