Daddy Son and Daddy Daughter Time

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Daddy-son time and Daddy-daughter time are very important to me. The problem is that there is not always a lot of time or as much time as I would like. Yeah, there is lying around watching movies or going outside and tossing the ball around, but, I am talking about real quality time. Things that will be really special to all of us. As a family, we take our Disney trips and do spend a lot of time together while there. These are memories that will last forever. I know that every year, my daughter will try on a Kimono at EPCOT or my son and I will ride Tower of Terror over and over again. Great time and we are always making new memories.


This year, my son and I were asked by friends to attend a Titan’s game in Nashville. This was an AMAZING time. Just the look on his face when he saw the field and then the players on the field was just priceless. We had such a great time and an excellent bonding experience that night. He was so excited and he became a HUGE Titan’s fan that night! We experienced everything from thinking the game was over to the final second field goal to beat the Steelers. Oh, and lets not forget the drunk Steeler’s fan beside us. My son and his friend left the stands and started high fiving EVERY Titan’s fan in our path. It was a late great night considering it was a Thursday night game and he had school in the morning….Mama wasn’t very happy with Daddy!


I am in the planning stages of my next big date with my daughter. She has me wrapped around her little finger and I think that she knows it! I love the hugs and look in her eyes when she sees me or needs me. I haven’t had a whole lot of outings with just the two of us so I feel like we could really use one. I have a few good ideas, but I want her to feel special and to get the quality time that she deserves as well. I know, really, anything that we do will be special in the end but she’s my princess and she deserves it!

What are some of your ideas? What do you do for that extra quality time?

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  1. Love your desire to have a special date with your daughter. I have a deal with my son to take him to a huge blow out dinner in Chicago if he completes his swim goal. We can’t wait.
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  2. This is something both hubby and I need to do more of this year – especially with a new baby joining the family. And I have found that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, just that you are together!
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  3. My family went to Universal a few months ago. We had loads of fun! The Spiderman ride is so much more advanced than it was a few years ago.
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  4. We like making a special picnic and taking it to the park for a fun afternoon – not expensive but some great quality time together.
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  5. Hi, Brian! I love your commitment to your children. That’s great! I feel your pain about not having enough quality time. As a working mom to 3 sons ages 6, 3, and 1, I feel I don’t have enough time to even cook DINNER when I get home. Thank God hubby likes to make the food, otherwise we’d starve! There just isn’t enough time in the day. But what my kids like best is when I get on the floor with them and tickle them, or just toss them around, or let them climb all over me. That’s when they laugh the most! 🙂 And it’s one of those rare occasions when I don’t have my PHONE in front of me ;-\
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