Fears and Phobias

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Phobias and fears can be hard to overcome. I know people who are scared of heights and can’t even look up the side of a building or go over a bridge without having some sort of emotion or a panic attack. I mean can you imagine looking over the edge of a bridge, especially a really high bridge, and realizing how far up you are. Man, the sweating palms, the beating chest, the flushing of the skin. Scary stuff. I really feel for those people because I only have a slight fear of heights and know the anxiety that comes with that.

Then you have the people that fear spiders….when I was younger, I climbed into bed and felt something on my leg. I jumped up just about the time that it bit me……man, I was FREAKED out…..I just knew that it was poisonous and that my leg was going to fall off! Well, we caught the spider and went to the ER only to find out that it was harmless and that I was going to keep my leg. Funny huh? I shook my sheets, pillows, and blanket for years before I got into bed. I still do if we have been out of town for a few days…Fool me once you little CREEPY devils!!! I am not so much afraid of spiders as much as I have the need to know their location to avoid…know what I mean?


Oh yes, one of everyone’s favorite…..SNAKES……I used to have a fear of snakes until one night, in my early twenties, I was hanging out with a couple of girls that I liked and they had pet snakes. I quickly overcame my fear and handled the snakes like a pro….at least I think….I didn’t want to show the fear to the ladies you know….especially since they were holding the snakes. No real fear here either unless they sneak up on me….then we have problems!!!

That brings me to my real fear…..it has only been going on for a few years now since the changeover. It usually happens in the morning……I will get up and cook breakfast….first I cook the bacon because it is the most time consuming….then I will get the eggs ready to go….I won’t put them in until everything else is almost done because they don’t take that long…..THEN IT HAPPENS…..my palms start sweating, my pulse starts racing, my breathing gets labored….I’m having a full fledged panic attack….why did they have to change? I get ready to take on the fear head on….I have tried so many times to overcome it but I just can’t….I even have my wife or the kids help me if they are around…just so I won’t have to do it……..SO….I close my eyes……hold out my fingers…..grab the outside and pull…..I am waiting and the anticipation is killing me……..hurry up already…….POP!!!!…….oh thank God that is over….the biscuits are open and I can finish cooking….WHY DID THEY CHANGE TO THE SELF POPPING CANS? It was so much easier when I stuck the handle of a spoon through the line to pop them open…BISCUITS ARE GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME!!


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