The I’m Sick Trick

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How can you tell if your child is too sick for school? So, I received a call from Bella’s school yesterday saying that she was running a temp of 102.2. They told me that someone had to pick her up from school right away. Well, she is my daughter and I wouldn’t want her at school if she is sick. So obviously Kas went to pick her up. Now, I know that there are things that you can’t go to school with like Norovirus, Flu, Vomiting , Diarrhea, fever,etc…This post is not about that….THIS POST IS ABOUT THE TRICK SICK… know, that cough early in the morning over and over…the “daddy I’m sick” whine. So you feel bad and let the kid stay home, give them medicine, and regret the decision within the hour……HOW CAN YOU BE SICK ACTING LIKE YOU ARE ACTING?…..GET OFF THE TOP OF THE REFRIGERATOR!!!!

What goes on is nothing short of all out chaos! My daughter took her medicine this time and felt better in 10 minutes. She is really sick…this time…..but, just understand, that after she found out that I wasn’t going to take her to school…something clicked!! I have no idea if the medicine made her crazy or what…she went from sick, to crazy, to cleaning her room without being asked, to crazy, to sick, to doing laundry, to being mean, to sleep. The girl just lost it. I know what to tomorrow brings…..”Daaaaaddddy I’m Siiiick”…..I’m going to go to her room, hold her in my arms, kiss her forehead, and hand her her school uniform….you are going to school little girl!!

How do your children get one over on you? By the way, don’t tell her I told you, but Kas told me that I was being duped! I guess that’s why it wasn’t “MOMMMMY I’m SIIICK!” Oh well!

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  1. We only get my fiances daughter wednesdays and overnight on weekends so we don’t really deal with “fake sick” too much. When she was younger and missed her mommy she would tell us she was sick just so she could go home. She quickly learned that we could take her temperature and tell so she would tell us she had a really bad headache. Well we still get the I have a headache line. We always have to assume she is telling the truth with that one because Migraines run in her family and her mom has taken her to specialists to rule out anything else causing the migraines. We never known when she is fibbing to get out of doing stuff, or if she is really suffering.
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  2. My kids haven’t pulled that on me. For the most part they want to go to school.

    My son does tell me that he wishes it was a grampa day, instead of a school day. But I amke those days more special for him to see grandpa than every day.
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  3. Our daughter is sick right now. I feel bad because she has daddy wrapped around her finger and I thought she was faking it to get his attention. Well, come 3am I heard her in the bathroom getting sick……5 days later and she is still sick so we are headed to the doctor tomorrow…UHGGGG. Our son does give us the fake sick a lot though. He is 14 and I can usually tell with him so I send him to school and he is fine. Boy 5 kids later and I still dont have advice on that one. 🙂

  4. I’ve done this before, and I’m sure my future kids will pull the same stunts lol
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