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Gabe Science

After I went to school and then to college a few years later for a possible career in a science field I decided that science was not for me. As a matter of fact, I thought that I could never really get excited about Science again. Proven wrong!!! Yesterday, I was a proud papa and very interested in what Science had to offer. Gabriel competed in his first ever Science Olympiad held at Middle Tennessee State University. He competed in the regional of the Middle school division. The events that Gabriel entered were Helicopter, Rocks and Minerals, and Shock Value. He medaled in two out of the three.

When we walked into the room, of his first event, there was a helicopter in the air that was already over one minute in flight. We knew that we were in tough competition because Gabriel and his partner had tested theirs the day before and it stayed up for around 37 seconds. We waited around and watched the next few teams take their shot and no one came close to the minute mark that we walked in on. So finally, our team got ready to fly. They set up and flew the first of two flights. The first flight was around 26 seconds and then we had one more flight. This time the helicopter took off into the air and headed for the ceiling…..47 seconds!!!! Good for a second place finish! I almost fell out of my chair begging that copter to stay in the air.

The next event that we had was Rocks and Minerals. Now this event left mom and dad out in the hall waiting for about an hour while Gabriel and his partner headed into a classroom……NERVES! NERVES! NERVES!!! When they finally came out, I had a million questions about how it went. He felt pretty good about it but we would have to wait it out.

The third event was Shock Value. I was especially nervous about this because there had not been any partner time before this event….NONE! So we are waiting outside the classroom and this kid across from us stands up looking for his partner that he had never met and it turns out that it was Gabriel. They talk for a minute, look over their notes and head on into the room. Again, Mom and Dad had to wait outside……NERVES! NERVES! NERVES!!! They finally came out and said that they had finished first and felt really good about what they had accomplished. Again we would have to wait and see.

Later on, the award ceremony started and I swear that we waited through twenty other events before getting to one of Gabriel’s three. The first one was Rocks and minerals……NO Medal…..Bummer!! So we wait a couple of more events out and we get to the Helicopter……..2nd place medal!!! Awesome!! So, he is not going home empty handed and Gabriel is excited and happy!!! Now, finally we get to Shock Value and we are very nervous about this one because of the lack of time together…..they announce 5th place…not him…..they announce 4th place….not him…..they announce 3rd place……not him…..NERVES! NERVES! NERVES!!!….they announce 2nd place….not him…..NERVES! NERVES! NERVES!!!….they announce 1st place…..HIM!!!!!!!!! We went crazy!!! Gabriel’s face said it all!!! I was so excited about Science yesterday!!! Go Gabe, Dad’s Proud!

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  1. Chris Sandys says:

    Congratulations to Gabriel! I hope he keeps his interest and talent in science; it will serve him well his entire life.

  2. Congratulations! Not bad for a first time (or any time)!
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