Southern Bella’s Ways to Save’s Husband and Proud of It

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When we started out together, almost thirteen years ago, I was a manager of a restaurant moving into a small town that did not have much of anything other than fast foods and local restaurants. She was a young lady with a job at the new restaurant coming to town. Believe me, this was a big deal to this community and we were really treated like something special as managers there. Over time, she and I became close and ended up married. We eventually started a family together. After our first child was born, the company that I worked for promoted me to general manager of a location about an hour and a half from where we were living at the time. After talking it over we decided to take the position an soon we moved to this other small town. Now this one was already a little more established and had several restaurants and royalty we were not. My wife and I had another baby and we were extremely happy.


Over time I realized that my wife was staying home with the kids and really had no friends in this new place that we lived. When she would come to my work she was known as my wife. She never really had her own identity and it took some time before I understood what she meant. I wasn’t doing anything to keep her from getting one, she just really didn’t do things apart from me to get a life separate from our life together. It did cause some problems but we did work through them and stay best friends to this day.

Now, things have changed……I am now known as Southern Bella’s Big Daddy the husband of Kas from Southern Bella’s Ways to Save…and….I could not be more proud! She has done all of this on her own and deserves to get and do everything and every opportunity that comes her way. Who am I to stand in her way? So as long as we can work it out, I will never stop her from going on these trips or doing anything that she wants or needs to do. That would be selfish on my part! I don’t see how people can stand in the way of the growth of someone that you love!

That being said..Kas, I am proud of you!! Reach for the stars!! I know that you will get there and when you do move over and the kids and I will be right there with you! I am proud to be Southern Bella’s Way’s to Save’s husband!

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