We Love Mom But When She’s Gone…

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Well, we know that mom has to take trips for her blog. We also know that mom has some good times on most of those trips…….WELL……So do we!! The kids and I come up with cool things to do while mom is away. We like to have fun and spend time together while we wait on her return to us. I think that our number one ritual has been going to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. The kids love it and it’s not one of mom’s favorite places so we head there. That way we don’t hurt her feelings and we are still having a blast at home!


We also like to play cool jokes on her as well. I like to rearrange the furniture while she is gone just to blow her mind when she comes back…when did you do this?……6 months ago!!!…You haven’t noticed? That one makes her mad a little….LOL!

One time while we were waiting for her to come home we went to the lake and walked around. We all became rock skipping champs! Bella almost fell in though! It was a really good time and it made the time that we were waiting fly by!


Now, don’t let me fool you, it’s not always chicken wings and ducks on the lake!! Sometimes it can be a real challenge…..when the kids want to test my knowledge as a father…..see mom is usually the person that controls the flow at night. Showers, homework, brush teeth, eat dinner, etc…Well when I am home alone with the AMAZING KIDS, they like to try and bring snacks up stairs in their rooms, they like to try and stay up late, they like to try and sneak down stairs, they like to try and avoid showers or tooth brushing. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!! I watch out of the corner of my eyes and see one of them sneak down the stairs or both of them teaming up on me……I ease down the stairs behind them……I wait until they are confident that they are safe…..I squat down behind the bar in the kitchen…….silent…………..silent………..I lunge out like a lion on a gazelle…..WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!???….chips go in the air this way…..snack cakes hit the floor…….drinks almost drop from little hands…….SCREAMS flow form the mouths of these little sneaky angels!!! Nothing, I was just getting water!…..seriously! I can’t wait for our next adventure!

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  1. So it IS crazy when I’m gone lol I KNEW it. I love you guys
    Kasandria Reasoner recently posted..A Chrome Experiment made with some friends from OZ the Great and PowerfulMy Profile

  2. I like to do the same thing when my hubby is away on business. Its amazing how having two adults home can make you eat and cook better. Without him I fall to the “make yourself a sandwich type of thing.”
    Melissa recently posted..How You See GOD… is the Way You See the CHURCHMy Profile

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