Frogglez Goggles To The Rescue PLUS 25% discount!

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***Disclosure: Information for this post has been provided by Frogglez Goggles in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network, however, all opinions are my own.***


Oh My Gosh! This last year when we went to Orlando we stayed in a place where they had a pool. So, we had to go get swimming essentials to let the kids have fun swimming. We got flippers, floats, nose plugs, and we let them pick out goggles and snorkels as well. We got back to the pool and got everyone suited up right down to the goggles. I have never been more frustrated in my life. One size fits all is what the goggles said…….BUT…….that’s not the case. I adjusted one pair for Bella and immediately the goggles filled with water. I adjusted one bigger for Gabriel and it still looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head they were so tight. Throughout the first night, goggles filled with water, straps broke, the lens popped out… was a disaster…..They would even sink to the bottom when they popped off the kids heads! Somebody needs to come up with something to keep me calm and sane on vacation and to keep the kids happy. COOL! It’s about time! Check this out:


Frogglez Goggles – a comfortable, form fitting, stylish, athletic swim goggle that will be the talk of any pool.

Frogglez are designed with the young swimmer in mind. Now children between the ages of 2 -10 can be worry and pain free while engaging in summer fun at the pool. Our patent pending strap design is soft, seamless and molds to your child head to prevent ear tugging, hair pulling and much frustration. It just plain works and children love them!

These come in 2 sizes. First size fits 80% of kids up to age 8, after that we recommend size 2.

On indiegogo, you can pre-order Frogglez at a hefty 25% discount! (reg price is $19.95)

Contribution Amount: $15
Perk: Early Bird Special ~ Get a your very own Frogglez Goggles in Pink, Green or Blue, regular or large size. The early bird gets the…best deal. . FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING in the USA!

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  1. Thank you for your great review on Frogglez Goggles! Please support us through indiegogo and make Frogglez available to all kids this summer!
    Happy Easter,

    Papa Frogglez

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