The Clankin Spankin!

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1. Rolling of the eyes
2. stomping up the stairs
3. slamming of the door
4. The mean grunt when you ask a question
5. continuous back talk
6. throwing an object to the ground and storming off
7. screaming in a pillow
8. yelling at a sibling
9. always right
10. about to get a clankin spankin!!! (sorry, A timeout)


My oh my what a wonderful day…who knew that being a parent was so much fun? LOL…I would not give it up for anything! NO…I do NOT beat my children. I can count on one hand the number of spankings that I have given to both children combined. Sometimes it just gets to that point and no other method is going to calm the situation. Then there is always the make-up period afterwards…all the cuddles and hugs. I wish we could just skip the first part…..WELL….WAIT…..sometimes it can be funny! Just don’t let the kids see you laugh because then it gets much worse. I think that I can find a little humor in most situations. I just try and not laugh at the wrong times…LMAO….sometimes I just can’t help it.

Anyway, what is your method for correcting your child? Are you the type that uses the time out? Are you the type that takes things away? Do you offer rewards for good behavior? Do you ground your child? what are some good ideas that you use I am willing to try new things and catch the kids off guard with a new approach. The funny thing is, my children are AMAZING out in public….they start torturing us behind closed doors…It’s always refreshing to hear…they don’t do that at my house…Well they do it here and I have a head full of gray hairs to prove it!!!

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  1. We don’t spank, but there have been a few instances — like you, I have two children and can count on one hand the number of instances of physical punishment — where they’ve misbehaved to the point where a quick slap on their clothed bottoms have been utilized to get their attention and correct the behavior. For the most part my kids are well behaved, and we utilize time-outs and loss of privileges to keep them on the straight and narrow.
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  2. Usually a time out works for me, but a few times we had to resort to spankings and when it was over I had to lock myself in my room and cry. I was more upset then they were. LOL
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