Medieval Times Are Upon Us

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***Disclosure: I’m attending The #MBFam lodgings, and some expenses were covered by Myrtle Beach CVB. All opinions are 100% mine. ***


The king and his daughter the princess welcomed us into their kingdom. We were treated like royalty as we entered the castle and were greeted by his majesty the king. The royal servants lead us to our seats where we were to feast and enjoy sport. As we sat down and started being served our drinks, I noticed several knights heading our way lead by his majesty the king on horseback. The knights were there to joust and battle to the death if need be to win the tournament. The first few games were just to see who was faster in the relay or who was more accurate with the spear. The Blue night was our knight and he won one of the events. The blue Knight seemed to like my daughter a little too much for my liking as he threw her a flower that he had received from the princess.


Anyway we were served great food with a tomato soup, Chicken, potato, and a pastry from his majesty’s own kitchen. The battle began and we saw several knights fall. Our own Blue knight won his joust but was quickly challenged by another knight and beaten. The Black and White knight ended up winning the tournament and was later called to risk his life to fight for the king against a warrior from another kingdom. He beat the man and order was restored to the Kingdom.

I have never had so much fun. I am a huge fan of anything that has Kings, Knights, horses, swords, and kingdoms….not to mention eating with my hands since they had no silverware back then. This place was amazing. It was Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach. I did not want the fun to end or the food.You should really go check it out when you can.

“Surrender to an age of bravery and honor and witness epic battles of steel and steed during our ALL-NEW SHOW. From ringside seats, discover a feast of the eyes and appetite with more action, more fun & more excitement than ever before.

As you thrill to a rousing live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry, Medieval Times serves a four-course meal fit for royalty.

Hang on to your helmet. The show is about to begin.”

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  1. This place looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to visit.

  2. That sounds like the most adventurous dinnertime most of us can hope to experience! I think my family would like Medieval times too!
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  3. I’m from Michigan and in school the 8th graders always take a trip to Chicago and when I was in 8th grade we got to go to medieval times and it was tons of fun – the food was incredible, too!

  4. There is a Medieval Times near our house and we haven’t been to it, but I really want to check it out now! I think that my son will love it.

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