My Children Are Amazing

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My children are an amazing Duo. These two do great things everyday. Just when you think that they are going to start that fighting phase again, they pull themselves out of it and get along. Kas and I decided to take the kids to Disney with us on our anniversary get away this past weekend. The main reason is that we felt like we were cheating on them by going to Disney without them. What a great time….but…the amazing thing that they did was to go and ask the ticket office for those pins that people wear for their anniversary or birthday. So, they got the pins for both of us and I thought that they were just going for mom. Well, the whole day at the parks people were saying Happy Anniversary to us. That night we went to eat dinner and Gabriel went off to the restroom. He came back and said that he couldn’t find it that he needed to ask again. We joked about it and couldn’t understand why he just didn’t ask in the first place. We ate our dinner and then we were kind of waiting around for our check. The server walks up and puts a dessert in the middle of the table and says that this is from the kids….Happy Anniversary! That little sneak!


This is not what makes them amazing though. It is the kindness that they show people everyday. My daughter walks a little girl to her house from the bus stop sometimes. She doesn’t do it because people ask her to, she does it because the little girl is scared. My son makes sure to spend time with his younger cousins because he loves them but because they really don’t understand how to deal with the loss of a loved one let alone two. My children say yes mam and yes sir. They are good students at school. Not always straight A’s but well disciplined in class….now they can be terrors at home don’t get me wrong….but….we are family and that is okay with me. I would much rather get those compliments about my children from everyone else that they meet.


I know that they are mine and that I should feel this way. I’m just shouting out to everyone that don’t know….MY CHILDREN ARE AMAZING!!! It makes me feel good to write this because so many times people question other people’s decisions on how to raise their own children. Well, I would just like to say…so far so good! Oh, I’m sure that we will have a lot more trying times in the future….But…we will get through those as a family and we will make our own decisions on what to do with our children. They have done pretty good so far on what they learned from mom and dad, and we learn a lot from them daily.

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  1. Dianna Thomas says:

    Awwwww!! that is awesome thing to be saying about your kiddos–Never can hear enough of that from any parent –how a parent can praise there youngsters. But it sure is good.Make sure you tell them too, that really is much more important. Good work dad

  2. I do have to say we have some great kids!
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