Top 5 Reasons That Make Me Believe In Santa Claus

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Man Oh Man! I Love this time of year! The holiday spirit, the family time, the winter weather, and just the feeling of the holidays. I remember when I was growing up what our Christmas’ were like. We would go to my grandmother’s house every Christmas Eve and celebrate with her. She would cook a big meal and then we would go unwrap all of the gifts that she had bought throughout the year. What a great time. We would spend a couple of hours at her house and then head back home. Once we were at home, my mother would let us unwrap one gift each. Somehow, that gift was always pajamas.At that point she would rush us off to bed because Santa Claus was on his way. I could never fall asleep! I would toss and turn for hours and hours it seemed with no sign of sleep at all. I would listen for pounding on the roof, I would listen for sleigh bells, and that familiar HO HO HO!! The next thing that I knew, my sister or brother would be waking me up at 5:00 AM to go sneak a peek at what Santa had brought us. My heart would be pounding when I saw the lights on the tree and all of the gifts around and under it. It was such a magical time!

Now that I have children of my own, that magic is back! There is no doubt in my mind that Santa Claus is real! NO DOUBT!! I have evidence!

Below are the top 5 reasons that make me believe in Santa Claus.

#5 One Christmas Eve, my son Gabriel and I heard the banging on the roof. It was Santa and his reindeer. We could hear him talking to the reindeer as they were settling on our rooftop and he was preparing to come down the chimney. When we finally heard them leaving Gabriel ran to the window and saw them flying through the air. What a great night! It is not very often that people actually see them flying through the air. We were really lucky!!

#4 One year we heard a lot of commotion outside the windows on Christmas Eve and we acted like we were asleep so that Santa would come in. It turns out that it was a couple of Santa’s Elves checking things out before the big guy showed up. There was glitter outside around every window. I guess it was part of the elves clothes or something. They couldn’t fool us though. We could tell that they had been there.

#3 There was the time that Santa drew a picture of his face on the plate that we left the cookies on. He can draw pretty good!

#2 Oh and this one time, Santa dropped part of his cookie by the fireplace and knocked some of the ash out onto the hearth when he was leaving. We could tell it was him because he caught his pants on the corner of the fireplace and a piece of his pants was still there. Mrs. Claus was probably upset at him when he got home.

#1 My kids believe. There is no one else on this earth that I trust more than them. They know that he is real and therefore there is no doubt in my mind. Let the magic live on.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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