NFL Coaching Carousel, What a ride!

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Ken Whisenhunt

What is it that makes a past losing head coach attractive to an NFL team? There are so many coaching jobs open and most of the time the teams go after a former head coach that was fired from his previous job for losing. The Titans went after Ken Whisenhunt and got their man. The upside to Whisenhunt is that he did take Arizona to the Super Bowl but if you look at win losses, he is the same as Mike Munchak. Jim Caldwell took the Colts to the promise land only to be fired when Peyton Manning missed the entire season. What a joke…you win with Manning’s back up!! So now Jim is the Detroit Lion’s head guy. He is one to watch. I think he got a raw deal in Indy.

Jets Colts Football

Jay Gruden? John Gruden’s brother. Is he really the guy or is he just a name? What about coordinators? So the rumor is that Whisenhunt is going to hire the defensive coordinator from the Browns. Really? Ray Horton? Wasn’t the Brown’s record like 4-12? I’m no rocket scientist, but that doesn’t sound too exciting to me. Gregg Williams is still in town. If anything he can fire the Defense up! Yes, even without a bounty!

Mike Zimmer

The next man on the list is Mike Zimmer. It looks like he is heading to Minnesota to the Vikings. Now, Zimmer has never been the head guy. He may be fun to watch in Minnesota. He spent time with Dallas, Atlanta, and Cincy. He did have a chance for a college gig. I think it was Nebraska, I’ll have to look it up for sure but I like the hire because he is someone new and not just a safe hire. I just think that it is good to give these other guys a shot so that you can see what they’ve got.

Louisville v Temple

I think that the best hire this year has not been in the NFL. I think that they best hire was in Texas. Charlie Strong! Yep! I love Mack Brown and his brother Watson has been a coach here in Tennessee forever….but….Charlie Strong has brought it! Louisville was and is a contender but you are giving that man a whole different level of talent in Texas. I can’t wait to see what happens there. Don’t get me wrong, I am a VOL for life!! Butch Jones is going to take us places here but Charlie Strong is the best hire of the year. I know, some of you are thinking James Franklin from the outhouse to the penthouse. Well he is showing who he really is with what is going on with the recruits.


Bobby Petrino back to Louisville! Enough said! Sorry Western!

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