For Daddy’s Girl

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We had our son and now it was time for my little princess. Bella, your mom and I were in Pigeon Forge doing a little Christmas shopping. I remember her being sick and we both looked at each other and said “TEST” at the same time. We went and bought a pregnancy test and went into Chic-Fil-A right across the street. I ordered our lunch and your mom went into the restroom to take the test. A few minutes went by and she came out with this look on her face and I knew right then that we were going to be second time parents.

We were in a new place now. Applebee’s had moved me to Columbia Tennessee and we were right down the street from nanny’s house. Mommie had a new doctor and we really liked her. She was really good to us and took really good care of mommie right from the start. Mommie got gestational diabetes again with this pregnancy so we had to give her insulin. The first time we put it into her leg and the nurse told us that it had to go right into the belly. First mommie tried and put the needle there and started crying because she just couldn’t do it. Well, big bad daddy stepped up to the plate and said,”I will do it for you honey.” I grabbed the needle and put it to her skin and started bawling like a little baby because I felt like I was going to hurt both of you. What a pair we were?! We finally grabbed the needle together and slowly pushed it into her belly. After that, it wasn’t so much drama.


The months went by really fast and it was the 3rd of July and you got really active. It was really too soon to let you out but even the medicine wasn’t really stopping you. So, they calmed things down and decided to do a c-section the next morning. They took mommie back and had me get dressed in all of the funny stuff dads have to wear. They then rushed me back to the delivery room to be with mommie. Your mother reacted a little to anesthesia and passed out for a second and I got a little scared. The doctor turned a little knob and she woke back up. The next thing I saw was my beautiful little princess. They wrapped you up and let me hold you. I was so proud and worried about how I was again going to mess this up.

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Things escalated, and you were having trouble breathing. They had me carry you down to NICU, which is a place for very sick babies, and then they took you and kicked me out. I decided to head back to mommie to make sure she was okay and they wouldn’t let me in there either. I went from extremely happy to all alone. Two of the most important people in my life were having trouble and I couldn’t help. I called my mother, like most men do, and cried on the phone. I thought that I was going to lose you, your mother, or both. I was heart broken. Later on, a nurse came in and told me that mommie was fine. I was then aloud to go into the NICU and see you. Relief at last!!


They had you under an oxygen hood to help you breath and said that it was common for premature babies to have this trouble. See, your lungs weren’t quite ready so you had to hang out there for a few days. Mommie was able to come see you after a couple of days and then we brought Gabriel in to see you. He was such a proud big brother. He had even taken a class on how to be one. He put a little card and an angel on top of the oxygen hood.


It’s nine years later and you are now pushing 30 years old. Please slow down. I love you so much and I want you to have everything that your heart desires unless I say no. I just want you to be safe and I want your heart to be safe. If anyone ever hurts you or breaks your heart, I will be there. You are after all my princess. BPE!!


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