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To My Son

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Buddy, for years and years, I dreamed of having a family. I hoped that one day that dream would become reality. There were many things in my life that had to take place in order for you to become a part of it. I was in a pretty bad car wreck when I was in my early twenties that could have been worse. There is also the time that I almost moved to California with my friend Jimmy. Once, I passed up a management job with Applebee’s only to accept it years later. That is when I met your mother. Things all happen for a reason I do believe.

When I met your mother,I DID NOT LIKE HER! She got on my nerves and I probably got on hers too. Oh well, we eventually worked through that nonsense and became an item and got married. You came into the picture after we decided to get married. I remember going to Wal Mart late into the evening to get another test for your mother to take. We had to confirm. I was so excited when the results continued to read the same thing over and over. It was positive.


Over the next few months, you really did a number on your mom. You were getting very big very fast. She had several times when we had to go and stop her contractions in order to keep you in a safe place longer. She was even in THE RED once. You’ll have to ask her! On the fourth of July, you really tried to come. The fireworks would blast and you would jump around. It didn’t take too long after that night though. Funny, when they decided it was time for you to come, you had to be forced. Dr. Good broke your mother’s water and started a medicine drip to get you into the world.

Later that afternoon, a storm came in and the wind kicked up. The rain started blowing side ways. It got really dark outside for a few minutes. It was pretty severe. That’s when it happened. The nurse was helping your mother and then Dr. Good came in. Gabriel you were huge! Dr. Good stood up at one point and kicked the chair out of the way. He told your mother that she had to push. He could not get any leverage with you and tried forceps. Finally you came out and my first words were ” OH my God he looks like a third grader!” What a day!


I spent that night getting acquainted with you and helping your mother when I could. I was so scared that I was going to hurt you. I was a nervous wreck. Eventually they made us take you home. I can honestly say that I woke up like 27 times that night to make sure that you were still breathing. I had your little bassinet right by my side of the bed so that I could hear you. I’m getting all shaky now just thinking about it. I just knew that I was going to ruin you.

Well, here we are. You are almost a teenager. I can’t believe how great you are in spite of everything that I did to mess you up. I am proud of you. You are Amazing! You are my son. You are my Best Buddy Ever! BBE!


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