Toyota Avalon Hybrid: I Like

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***Disclosure: I reviewed a Toyota Avalon Hybrid and was provided the car. All opinions are 100% mine. ***

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

After Thanksgiving, our family took another little trip down to Disney World. We were going to see the Christmas Lights for the first time. Our family had a rough patch through the holidays and needed a getaway. So, we packed our bags and loaded up the car. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to drive a new Toyota Avalon Hybrid and boy did I like it!!

On my other posts for vehicles, I usually go into detail about several different features. On this one however, I am going to focus more on the Hybrid Synergy Drive. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am no car wiz but I can get you a little more information. Here is a little quote about it below.


Hybrid Synergy DriveĀ® allows you to drive on EV power, engine power, or a combination of both. It uses a highly efficient Atkinson cycle gasoline engine, a high-voltage battery pack, an electric motor and regenerative braking, all working together. This system is now used in seven Toyota hybrids, including the entire Prius Family, Highlander Hybrid, Camry Hybrid and Avalon Hybrid.

How The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System Works

As I said earlier, I can’t give all of the details of how the Hybrid works in the Toyota Avalon or any other car. So, in my mind, the reason that I like it so much is simple. It is quiet, gets better gas mileage, it’s a smooth ride, and it is much better for the environment.It really has a different feel and I do like it much better than what I drive now.

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This car had it all and it was good looking as well. It got us to and from our destination in the Magic Kingdom and we felt like Royalty the whole way. I really look forward to the next ride that I can take in one of these vehicles. The Toyota Avalon is something special. Don’t just take my word for it. Get out and go test one. You won’t regret it!

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  1. I am always a Sedan Lover, and so I was so much in love with Avalon. But I have never explored the Hybrid option. After seeing your article, I think Hybrid will be the way forward and I should definitely try it in the future. Is there any difference that you felt between hybrid and normal cars?
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