Why Worry About What Others Do With Their Life?

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Why are people so opinionated about what others do with their lives? Why do people get offended by the beliefs of others? Why must we complain about everything? Why are there so many negative people in the world? Why can’t we just co-exist?

I don’t want this to feel negative or to be a negative post. I also know that it really won’t change a thing. I just want feedback and to see what you think.

say you have a bad experience in a restaurant….don’t go to Facebook and blast the place!!! Talk to the person there and give them a chance to fix it. Things go wrong in restaurants but its just food and it can be fixed. Not the end of the world!!

You don’t agree with the way that someone is raising their child…not your business!! Unless that child is in danger, just move on and keep your opinions and ideas to yourself.

Someone may not believe in God and someone else does.. There may be things that you don’t understand or know about why that is. Not your place to change that. It’s really between them and their higher power.

You don’t like the way someone dresses or wears their hair…so what?

The world could be so much better if we stopped all of the protesting and arguing about little stuff. Everything that I grew up with is going away because all of the sudden people are offended.

Prayer in school….if you don’t want to pray…don’t…but do not take it away from the others that do.

If you are religious or spiritual…great….but don’t try and force it on someone. They could have had a rough childhood and felt abandoned. Let them work it out on their own.

If you don’t want to blog for products or trips…don’t….but you shouldn’t tell others not to.


I’m not saying don’t give your opinions. I’m just saying wait until they are asked for or give them to the proper person. Take time to be kind to someone instead of tearing them down. Let’s get back to trusting people until they give you a reason not to. Pay for someone’s haircut when you leave the salon or barbershop today. Buy someone’s Starbuck coffee today.Take a veteran out to lunch. Try to be good instead of being a turd!

I love to do things for others when I can. It makes them feel good, it makes me feel good, and it teaches my children how it feels. The most important thing that I can do in my life is to teach my son and my daughter how to treat others. Don’t expect anything in return kids…JUST DO IT BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT!!!

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