AMBER ALERT In My Hometown

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It was a scary moment in my small town. There was a boy missing and everyone was out there looking for him. There were TV crews, fire department, Local Police, state police, TBI, and what seemed like EVERY citizen of this small community. My friend and I joined the search and looked through bushes, creeks, and anywhere else that we could find. All the time screaming out this boys name. The whole time we were looking, we were just talking about what we would do or how we would feel if this happened to our family.

A few hours into the search, there was an eruption of applause and cheers. He had been found!!! He was alive and well!! A pizza delivery driver had found him and called authorities. (The story varies a little on that part.) Anyway, it turns out that the boy had gotten into trouble and had ran away in order to avoid punishment. When he learned that everyone was looking for him he got scared and hid. Hey, he’s just a child. Punishment can be a scary thing.

There were some in the community that stood up and screamed…”MAKE THE FAMILY PAY FOR SERVICES OF THE POLICE AND OTHER EMERGENCY PERSONNEL!!” “THAT’S NOT THEIR JOB!!!” My take is that it is exactly their job. What about the days that they are getting paid and don’t have anything to do? Don’t get me wrong, these great heroes in our community would not have wanted to be anywhere else than where they were. This was just a few in the community throwing a fit. Most of the city were just elated that the little boy was safe as was I. It just amazes me that there are people who think about nothing other than finding negative in situations like these.

To me, the family had been through enough of a nightmare. Leave these people alone! Yes, the little boy would need to be disciplined in some way but that is up to the parents. The same people that complained about this would be begging for help if it were their child.

Where are you in all of this? What if it were your child?

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  1. I was not aware of this before coming here, but i agree with you 100%, leave them alone, leave the parents up to the discipline
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  2. It’s so great that your community came together this way and I’m so glad he was found.

  3. Thank god for Amber Alerts, and the help and compassion of a community to come together. I am so glad this was a happy ending.
    You never know what could happen, and I am glad that the resources were their to help look for this little boy.
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  4. Something similar just happened here in Atlanta where a teenage girl was presumed missing when she was really just hanging out and didn’t tell anyone. After all the publicity and searching for a teenager who just wanted to blow off her responsibilities for the day, my first thought was “who’s going to pay for all of this?”
    But you’re right. First responders spend plenty of days doing very little on non-emergency days. I also got the sense from the photos of the family reuniting that they’d been under enough stress.
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  5. SO happy to hear the kid was found and safe. Shouldn’t the community have been focused on that? Maybe, the reaction came from some of the fear that came up because of the situation.

    • It was a select few that showed their true colors. I feel like most of the community was just relieved and all went home to hug their kids that night.

  6. There will always be a Negative Nelly in the crowd. Thank God everyone rallied around to find the child and he was safe. I do believe it IS the duty of ANY human to go out and hunt in such a crisis.

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