A Mountain Of Stone Not That Far From Home

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When I was young, my mother took us to Stone Mountain in Georgia. I remember looking at that thing for the first time and just being amazed. My aunt, uncle, cousins, brother and sister were all with us. We decided that we were going to walk up to the top of that mountain. It was a hike, but I felt like I could run to the top back then. It was such a great time and I have been trying to get back every since then. Fast forward to yesterday. Mom, was going  out of town, talking about swimming with dolphins. So, we took her to the airport and set out on a four hour journey. The kids had no idea where we were going. I had downloaded an app on my phone for them to look at on the way. They got really excited, as did I, because we were about to have a great #DaddySonDaughterDay!!

Sometimes, we ride all the way with no radio on at all. Yep, we talk, cut up, laugh and make weird noises to entertain ourselves…..BUT….this time, I had a play list on Spotify and couldn’t wait to use it. I tortured them with LL Cool J, Bobby Brown, Kiss, Guns N Roses, and Pink Floyd. They wanted to test my skills in Name That Tune….I BEAT THEM DOWN!!! I knew every one except for the Culture Club song. I don’t know how that got on my play list by the way. Must have been my wife. Anyway, great road trip down.


It was an hour later in Georgia than where we live in Tennessee. So, I was looking at the ticket prices and if we waited for one hour we could get a twilight package. It would give us full access to the park, laser show seats, and Popcorn and drinks. We decided to walk to the lawn and take a look at the mountain. It was MAGNIFICENT!! The kids immediately said, “Can we walk up to the top?” I quickly responded NO! How about we ride that cool SkyLift to the top? Thank goodness they were down for that! I would have died!


We went up to the top of the mountain and the ride was great. The view, however, was amazing. I never realized how fast the lifts move but we were up there in a hurry. I just started snapping pictures on the way up. Once we were up on top, the kids wanted to go straight to the edge. Now, I went to the edge when I was little……IT’S THE SAME CHAIN LINK FENCE AT THE EDGE!!! My son eases up to it like he should….But BELLA….this child is like me. She will find a way to trip over her feet and bounce over the damn fence. She makes me nervous! She tripped, I know, two or three times while we were up there. I quickly ended this portion of the tour.


We headed back down to the attraction area and the kids got to it. They started out on the SkyHike which is one of those things that you climb on with ropes, bridges, beams, and other crazy stuff high up in the trees. Kind of like the one they did in Mall of America a few weeks ago. They went all the way to the top. Gabe is not a real fan of tall stuff but he stuck it out because the girls were watching. This took about an hour so I just hung out at the bottom. After they were finished they tried to climb the wall. They both started slow but Bella eventually took off up the wall. #MonkeyBella.

IMG_1180 IMG_1184

Next on the list was Geyser Towers. Another Jungle gym type thing with lots of water. They were soaking wet when they finished here. They wanted to try and hug up on daddy but that wasn’t happening. I played dodge the huggers for the next hour. We headed in to watch a 3D-4D Movie. It was, Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Pretty cool indeed. Next was Miniature Golf. This was a whole lot of fun and very competitive. Gabe hit his first hole in one. Not me though…not even on the guaranteed hole in one. So I guess Gabe hit two and Bella hit one. Dad, a BIG FAT ZERO!! I won though…Just Sayin.


LASERSHOW SPECTACULAR!! This is what I could not wait to show them. It did not disappoint either. They even threw in Let It Go from Frozen. I loved this as a kid and my two kiddos loved it as well. It ended with an awesome firework display and some very happy exhausted fans. What a day.


Well, it was time to make the drive back to Tennessee. It was late  but we hit that great Atlanta standstill traffic. We did not move for an hour on the interstate. I truck or something had lost a load in the street. Once we started moving, I had just got up to speed and ran over a beam or piece of lumber in the road. SCARED ME TO DEATH!! The car felt funny, after that, of course. So, we pulled over and luckily did not have a flat! I did, however, look down and see a spark coming from my I-Phone charger. It had split and burned. Just throwing that out there. We did get back on the road and did get to Tennessee. We also found the worst lightning storm that I have been through in my life. Gabe woke up to see it but we let Bella sleep through that one. Home at last! We got home around 2:00 AM and all crashed. I don’t think that any of us moved until noon the next day. Well worth it. This was a great day that we spent together and I can’t wait to find our next adventure. I’m sure mom had a great time with the dolphins, but I wouldn’t have traded this day away for anything………………………………………………………………Well, maybe I can’t say anything. I mean there might be a couple of things maybe.


Just kidding! There is nothing that is worth more than the time we spent together.  

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