The Day Of The BBE July 9TH 2001

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The nurses had stopped the contractions with medicine about three times now. Wouldn’t you know it, now mom had to be induced. We went in to River Park Hospital early that morning. The doctor came by, on his early rounds, and ordered the IV medicine to be started as he broke mom’s water. Now, we wait.


It seemed like this day was dragging and dragging. Nano was with us all day and other family and friends were on the way. The contractions were getting worse and worse and we were finally progressing toward our first encounter with our new life as a family.

A little after 2:00 PM, things went from dragging to rapid fire. The nurse was checking on the progress and the next thing I knew the doctor was coming into the room. Little did we know that you were coming with a vengeance.

We started out sweet talking your mother and then we had to really urge her on. The doctor was trying to get you to come on out and you were battling back. About that time, a really violent storm developed and rained down upon us. It was almost scary. The doctor stood up, kicked his stool out of the way, and told your mother that she had to push. He had to use a lot of tools in his toolbox but forceps seemed to do the trick. I was watching the whole time and was amazed at the strength and determination of your mom as she was going through the toughest, greatest time of her life.


FINALLY, you came into our world!! You sprayed the doctor and the nurses on the way in to voice your frustration. They all had to change clothes…that’s my boy. Buddy, I am telling you that you were as big as a 3rd grader.I don’t even think that we were able to put you in newborn clothes for more than a week. BIG, I tell you.

Once everything settled down and your mom and I got to hold you, it just felt Amazing. I knew, at that moment, that I had never felt the love and the bond to someone as I did right then. I loved that doctor he loved me….just kidding. Wanted to see if I still had everyone’s attention. Son, there was not a happier time in your mother’s or my life up to that point. I was hooked. I am still to this day.


You are my BBE! Best Buddy Ever!

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  1. I can’t believe 13 years have past!
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