MONEY SAVER: NewAir WCD-200W – Water Dispenser

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It is a dream come true for me! Okay, it’s one of my small dreams, but I have always wanted one of these coolers in my house. You do not realize how big of a deal this is for me. I had the opportunity to try out the NewAir WCD-200W – Water Dispenser and I jumped on it.

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Do you know how many bottles of water that we go through at my house? TONS!!! I have recently stopped drinking anything but water, trying to get my health on, and my children have followed suit. It has been a real great addition to our kitchen.

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Think about all of the plastic bottles that are not going into the garbage while using one of these Dispensers. We usually run down to a local store and pick up a new container of water and turn in the old one for recycling purposes. Every time that I do that it saves me about $5. A 24 pack of water is around $4 and I get the 5-Gallons for $6. I love the savings.

Check out some of the details about The NewAir WCD-200W – Water Dispenser

NewAir WCD-200W Water Dispenser
NewAir has once again managed to create another must have water dispenser. The WCD-200W is simple, compact and easy to use, what more do you really need in a water dispenser? Ideal for usage in homes, offices and gyms.

Special Features Include

Built-in compact compartment
Choose from 2 water temperatures
Removable drip tray
Choose From 2 Water Temperatures
Water temperature options include both hot and cold. With the WCD-200W you can even set your own water temperature preference. With adjustable water temperatures, you are in full control of how you want your water. Hot water temperatures range from 176°F to 203°F, and cold water temperatures range from 43°F to 50°F. Not only will you be able to hydrate on a consistent basis with this water dispensers, but you will also save time and money. Enjoy both hot and cold drinks at the touch of a button.

Sleek Style & Compact Storage
This water dispenser is ideal for families seeking convenience, performance and style. One of its main spectacular features includes a compact compartment, which is situated at the front of the unit. With a pull out door, you can simply store cups for easy convenience.With a contemporary design, the WCD-200W water dispenser from NewAir will be suitable for any location. With an all over white design you can place this unit in the kitchen, games room, mini bar or living room for easy access. Along with simple faucets, this unit is definitely one of the most compact and easy to use units on the market.

The WCD-200W is compatible with a 2-gallon, 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles of water.You really don’t have an excuse for running short on H2O ever again with the WCD-200W. Simply place your chosen size of bottled water on top of the unit and start hydrating and keeping fresh. Compatible with most cup, glasses and bottle sizes, it also has a thin nozzles and a removable drip tray.

Ultra Silent & Plastic Free
Already boosting a contemporary design, the WCD-200W all white water dispenser has an ultra silent operation, making it a dream addition to any home or office. Along with looking good, being simple to operate and having an extra quiet operation, it also has a stainless steel water tank which delivers a plastic free taste when indulging in a glass of fresh water.

UL Certified
With a UL certification, NewAirs WCD-200W water dispenser is safe and guaranteed to help you refresh and stay hydrated on the go, 24/7.

Simple & Time Saving Installation
With no installation required, this freestanding and compact water dispenser only has some minor requirements. It must be placed on a flat surface and out of reach of direct sunlight. To the reverse is the condenser and cooling thermostat.

Disclosure******I received a NewAir WCD-200W to try on behalf of NewAir but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I’m glad I saw your shout out for this on Twitter. I saw something on it yesterday and meant to check the site but got distracted. I’m free now and headed over. Thanks for posting. And good luck getting your health on, I’m sure the cooler really will help. Water is so so good for you!
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    • Thank you. The cooler has been Amazing. We have already been through 10 Gallons of water in a short time.

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