Dragon Tries To Eat The Princess-King Steps In

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It was a gorgeous day in the middle of the week. The sun was high in the bright blue sky surrounded by big fluffy clouds. Just Beautiful! The King, The Queen, The Princess, and The valiant knight Sir Gabriel decided to go to the market before the great feast at King Logan’s.

They arrived at the market place to find it very crowded. Walking from shop to shop, they were having a grand time. After visiting all of the local vendors at the edge of the mountain, they decided to make the long climb to the top to visit the others.

Just as they were almost to the top of the mountain, things took a horrible turn. Great fear struck the princess. You could see the fright in her face as it became pale white. Sir Gabriel turned as he heard the princess cry out. He quickly pulled his sword but it was knocked from his hands by the most ferocious dragon in the land. Sir Gabriel grabbed the princess and held her as the dragon pulled her by the foot! The queen let out a scream and called out for the King to save her. The King dove toward the dragon and grabbed his daughter’s leg and pulled her foot from the clutches of the dragon’s teeth. Sir Gabriel pulled the princess to safety and the dragon rushed back into his cave. Everyone sat and caught their breath. They realized that this glorious day could have become tragic. They quietly walked off and worked their way to King Logan’s for the feast. No One ever spoke of the dragon or that day again. It was just too painful.




The family and I went to the mall today. We started out downstairs looking in the stores down there. We headed up the escalator, to check out a few more stores, and the escalator grabbed Isabella’s shoelace. Gabriel turned around and dropped his headphones trying to help his sister. I saw what was happening and ran over to help. Isabella’s foot was getting pulled back so I pulled her shoe off. I still couldn’t get the shoe to come loose so I broke the shoelace. Bella was very upset and a little shaken. We stood there for a minute and helped her get her shoe back on. Everyone was a little quiet because wow. I mean…that is like every kids worst freakin nightmare! It just happened!


We said screw this and went to Logan’s for dinner!

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