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A few days ago I talked about my wife’s insomnia and how it has had an impact on my life as well as the lives of the my wife and my kids. I also talked about how insomnia is a problem for nearly 4 million people in America alone. It is a HUGE problem in our country and not always easy to beat.


Over time, my wife and I have tried different ways to help her get to sleep. This, in turn, helps me get my beauty rest. Lord knows I need it! Well. I would have to sleep for about 10 years to have any sort of positive impact….Enough of that! Back to work! On several different occasions, we have tried to black out all light. If, you can get it really dark, you can usually trick yourself into getting tired. Problem is, if you see a car’s headlights or any other light pop through, it will grab your attention and get that mind working. So, if you do it, do it well.

Bruiser sleep

We have also tried turning off all electronics. You must turn them off if you want this to work because of the notification sounds and lights. This will help you calm your mind and slow everything down. My wife reads a lot when she does this as well because it really relaxes her. I’m not a reader so on these nights I just sink into the bed and try to be quiet for her.

Exercise is another good way to get your body ready for bed. Someone made that comment on the last post that I did as well. You can do that bright and early in the day too. It doesn’t have to be late. Burn some calories now and saw some logs later. This helps keep that Circadian Rhythm nice and strong.


I’m going to encourage my wife to do these things on a more regular basis and see what happens. I think if you will adopt one or two of these activities yourself, it will help you get into a more healthy lifestyle as well. Give it a try. Come back and give me details. I will let you know more about how it worked for us in a future post. In the meantime, here is a great source for sleep help

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