This Dad’s Worry

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Just when you get over all of the thoughts of your child being bullied, beaten, hurt in a car accident, or any other teenage drama, it gets worse. A threat is discussed and shared all over social media. A student is upset and told someone that he is going to shoot up the school tomorrow.


Parents, all over the community, are talking about who is sending their child to school and who is keeping theirs at home. Some adults make fun of or BULLY parents that have decided to keep their child at home. Some people ask others how they can risk the lives of their child. What if?

We are 3 weeks into the school year! Why do we have to have these conversations at all? My wife and I talked about things and we both came to the conclusion that it was just someone that wants a day off tomorrow. We both said that our son should go to school and then we both said that he is staying home. I mean, sure, it’s probably a prank. But, what if we send our child to that school and some maniac hurts our boy? Or worse?


Now our son has been asking for hours if he is going to school. We kept saying that we are thinking about it and discussing things. I’m thinking that he just wants to stay home and we really had the intentions of letting that happen. He said, “I really need to go to school tomorrow.” He went on to say, “I have a lot to do and don’t want to fall behind.” So, what do I do now?

When did the world get to this point? Why do I have to worry about my child getting killed at school? Who would want to hurt kids in a school or anyone for that matter? How did I not realize that my son was so brave? What if something happens? Why is this driving me crazy? WHAT DO I DO?



I’m going to let him go to school and I am going to pace the floor until he comes home to us in the afternoon. I need to let him do this because screw these people! If my son wants to go, I need to back him 100% because he will face things in his life that will be hard to deal with. Things will get hard. Things could become scary. Things will never go as planned. I need to prepare my son for all of the bad things that do happen. I need to prepare my son for the success that he will obtain for overcoming fears and obstacles. I need to prepare me for his falls, growth, and wins. I need to make sure that our decisions are sound.

We have a lot riding on this prank or not so prank. Should he stay or should he go? Who knew that sending my child to school was life or death? Well,the decision is made. I hope it’s the right one.

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  1. We live in a society ruled by fear. the threat of violence is as controlling as actual violence. a sad reality.

    I wish I had answers.
    I don’t let my son do many things because I am afraid that he will rob, cheat, or hurt another person. it doesn’t mean that he will, but since he has done so in the past, the possibility exists.

    I guess, I am trying to say, go with your heart. We can’t live in fear. I pray that the day is uneventful.

    Just a Dad.
    Carl recently posted..feeling broken down.My Profile

    • I am happy to report that all was quiet. The police found the individual and talked with him. Turns out he threatened a classmate that had stolen something from him. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat took it from there.

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