TOP 10 List Of Bruiser The Cat’s Different Expressions

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Our cat Bruiser is one cool cat. I picked his sister and him up when they were kittens from a little pet store in Tennessee. Bruiser was a little bitty guy and didn’t look like he would ever be very big. That’s what led us to the name Bruiser. If he wasn’t going to be big, he would have a big name. By were we wrong. He grew into his name and then some. I mean, when he comes down the steps, you look to see who it is. Big dude indeed. Anyway, Bruiser has many cool characteristics but his facial expressions take the cake. Check these out and tell me what you think.



You can see it in his eyes in this picture. He loves us so much. Bella is by far his favorite but he loves us all. I could look at this picture all day. Just feel the love! A little secret, when everyone else is away, he hangs out with me. I even rub his ears.



This one scares me a bit! I can’t believe how angry he gets. He walks over to the bottom shelf of the bookcase and just starts pawing stuff off. He does all of this looking you dead in the eyes. He’s pissed and there’s nothing you can do about it! He makes is eyes glow! Evil!



He is a character for sure. He does all kind of crazy things, most of which, are while you are trying to sleep.He runs real fast through the house in the dark. I listen to see if he is going to have a crash landing. Nope! He jumps on the bed and finds my foot with his claw to boost himself up. Good times! He is about to take Bella on a little voyage here.

#4 SAD


Aw man! I hate when he’s down and out. He usually gets this way when the kids are gone. He mopes around meowing in every place that Bella is usually at. He will walk around a few times and hour just to see if shes back. Turn that frown upside down.



There’s that happy little guy. Boy. that smile can light up a room. This is the look that you get when the kids get off of the school bus. He can hear the bus and runs down to the door to greet them. He loves his little people.



This one is very close to his sad face. I guess basically it is. He mopes around searching for his people. This breaks my heart, I wish we could take him with us when we go. I secretly hang out with him when we get back.



This is an obvious one. You can tell that his bowl is empty and that he is 3 seconds away from making the biggest mess that you have ever seen. He is eyeballing the bag of cat food and let me tell you, he ain’t gonna open it right.



I love sneaky! This is the one where he focuses in on something and kind of goes stealth mode. He thinks that he is alone while he is snooping around. All it will take is one little hiss to make him jump through the ceiling. Look out because then you get the angry look again. He’s reading my Facebook posts here.



Look how droopy his eyes are. Alright they are closed. This is our cat. He runs all night in the dark causing all kinds of chaos and sleeps all day. He snores louder than any human I’ve ever been around.

#10 Playful


In this one, you can see just how bat shit crazy he is. Is eyes are so wide and he will paw at your leg if you walk too close. He wants to play or fight but will settle for a play fight. He waits for you to respond to the paw and then he flips on his back to assume the position. I stick my foot out to rub his belly and he play bites and claws me. It is so funny. Okay, he’s really yawning but this was a cool blurry picture. Kind of like a wild animal attack.

I was really going to just put the same picture under every category, but realized that I had more pictures of Bruiser than the kids and I’m not even the cat person. I guess I really do like him more than I let on. So, let’s see those cat pics! Comment with those little fur balls.

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  1. Hello! I saw all the expression of this cute cat and those are really amazing. That’s the way they talk to us. I have a little cat and she also gives similar expressions. I just loved the blog and the cat too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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