Game Day Snack Attack

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Man, there is nothing better than game day! Well, almost nothing. #ProgressoGameday with a snack is pretty much more awesome! One of my favorite snacks for game day is #ProgressoChili. They have an amazing line of Chili. My new favorite is Smoke House with Pork and Beef and chili beans….Delicious!


I take #ProgressoChili and heat it up on the stove. While it is heating up, I chop up some green onions and fresh jalopenos. All I do is pour it in a bowl, put some shredded cheese on top, sprinkle my chopped green onions, add a bit of sour cream, and top off with the sliced jalopenos. Excellent….Quick…..simple……PERFECT!! It is really good with your favorite tortillia chips, but, crackers are good too. If you really want to be adventurous, eat it with a spoon. Good stuff any way you eat it.

Progresso, also has a Hearty Vegetable Stew with Beef. I haven’t actually tried it but I will. I bought one today while I was picking out my Chili. I couldn’t resist. Well gotta wrap this up because my friends will be here soon for our game day extravaganza. They are going to love this #ProgressoChili just like I do.

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Check out some of the other details below:

What’s New with Chili?

New Progresso Roasted Vegetable Chili with 3 Beans is a meat-free option that includes tomatoes, carrots, roasted corn, red and green bell and poblano peppers and onions; and pinto, black and dark red kidney beans. The other two flavors available include Smokehouse Pork and Beef Chili with Beans and Southwest Style White Chicken Chili with Beans.

Stew Has Been Added to Progresso Portfolio!

The new Progresso White Chicken Stew with Savory Herbs is a thick and creamy blend of white chicken meat chunks, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, cream, peas, celery and onions, combined with savory herbs and seasonings. The Hearty Vegetable Stew with Beef is a favorite including large cuts of beef, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, okra, onions, celery and sea salt.


Product Information

Progresso Chili and Stew are available nationally in the soup aisle and have a suggested retail price of $4.49 per 20-ounce chili pouch and 18-ounce stew pouch (2-2 ½ servings). For more information on the entire line of Progresso products, and new game day-ready recipes and serving ideas go to

Oh, did I mention that there is a giveaway? There’s a giveaway! here are the details.

1. visit for recipe inspiration

2. Come back to here to confirm your entry by commenting around which recipe you will make or what your secret ingredient is to put a twist on chili and stew, with Progresso Game Day and weeknight meal ideas.

The winner will receive a giveaway prize package featuring Progresso’s new Chili and Stew flavors, Progresso Ladle and a Game Day Cooler Chair.

Enter now!!! Good luck! I can’t wait to see your ideas.

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  1. I have never had chicken chili, and aside from occasionally having frito pie, we never really include chili into out game day feasts. I would like to try their recipe for the chicken chili nachos. Nachos are a traditional game day food, and adding chicken chili on top would be great.

  2. Jessica To says:

    I would like to try their Easy Buffalo Chicken Chili Dip recipe. It looks good!

  3. I like th.e Vegetable Chili mini boats

  4. laura ari says:

    I would make the chili tachos recipe and add a few jalapenos for extra spice!

  5. I think I would love the vegetable Chili Mini boats! I’m always trying new chili recipes & this is perfect for the next time I make chili!

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