Dads, Romans, Oren, The Wall, And The Kids Of Kesem

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Hadrian’s Wall was a wall built to keep the Barbarians separate…HA!…What are you going to do now? There are twelve Barbarian Papas on the way to conquer you!!

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There was a great man who happened to be a dad blogger as well. He decided that there needed to be a place where dads could come together. A place to vent, communicate, laugh, scream, cry, or whatever you needed it for. This place is now occupied by over 1100 dads. All brought together by one man, Oren.

Oren Miller was a husband to Beth, a father, and a friend to many. He brought so many people together right up to the day that he left this Earth. Back in 2014, Oren found out that he had stage 4 lung Cancer. This form of Cancer usually has about a year life expectancy if you catch it early. Oren battled this beast and the treatments for months, all while maintaining a positive attitude full of strength and love for those around him. I didn’t know him well but I did talk to him a few times and really enjoyed those conversations. He treated me as if we had been friends for years. Just a great guy.


I guess the hardest part is thinking about his children. I’m sure that they had a rough time. I’m also sure that there has been a lot of love and support sent their way. It’s really tough for children that age to work through things this big. I hope life brings them great things.

That being said, there is a place. A place where kids of parents with Cancer can come together and get the love, support, and sometimes escape that they need. This place is Camp Kesem.

Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. We are the only national organization dedicated to this unique population – supporting children with innovative, fun-filled programs that foster a lasting community.

Camp Kesem is 100% free of charge to the campers. They run over 80 weeks of camping fun for children ranging from 6 to 16 years old. It is just a place where the campers can be themselves and be around kids that are experiencing the same things that they are. It’s a place to grow confidence, build communication skills, and just feel better about things over all.

So, in honor of Oren and his family, we are helping to establish Camp Kesem at University of Maryland. I get goosebumps just thinking about being a part of something so huge. I tear up thinking about the kids that go through this and how this Camp is going to give them comfort and hope. It’s pretty emotional.

Alright, remember that it is free for the campers. It still has to be paid for. These camps are funded by donations. It’s going to take more than $40,000 to get this camp up and running. Yep, you read that right….$40,000! It’s time to go to work.

I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do….I will walk over 80 miles for your donation. I will also take 11 other dads with me and they will walk with me. It’s true! Okay, let me give you a little more detail.


Artwork by Chris Routly

Who is Walking?
Phil Corless of Idaho Dad
Jim Higley of Bobblehead Dad
Whit Honea of Dads4Change
Brent Almond of Designer Daddy
Chris Routly of Daddy Doctrines
Michael Moebes of Dadcation
Jeff Bogle of Out With the Kids
Jason Greene of One Good Dad
Brian Reasoner of Southern Bella’s Big Daddy
Josh Misner PhD of Mindful Dad
Doug French of Dad 2.0 Summit
John Pacini of Dad 2.0 Summit

The twelve of us are heading over to England in July to walk the Hadrian’s Wall path. It is over 80 miles and it’s going to be amazing. We are doing this to raise money for the new Camp Kesem at Maryland University. 100% of the money we raise is going for this purpose. We are all paying our own way to go so let the games begin. There will be so many great stories that come from this. There will be so many blisters. There will be…What happens at the wall stays at the wall!…stuff. There will be goats!

So, help us out, if you feel the urge!

What Your Donation Will Support

We are raising the funds to provide the seed capital needed to launch a new Camp Kesem Chapter at the University of Maryland – Oren and Beth’s alma mater. Camp Kesem currently has over 80 chapters – run by over 2,500 passionate college student leaders from coast-to-coast. The establishment of this new chapter – at the Millers’ alma mater – will ultimately serve thousands of children touched by a parent’s cancer.


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  1. What a great cause! You guys are amazing!! Oren was such a great influence in the blogging community.
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  2. Amazing! I am so proud of you and all the dads! Such an amazing tribute!

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