Me, Lake Tahoe, and A Kia Sorento

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2017 Sorento

2017 Sorento

I was working on Valentine’s Day this year because that is what restaurant managers do. Before I went to work that day, I drove Kas and the kids to the airport to head off to Lake Tahoe for a #SorentoFamily adventure. I was pretty bummed that I didn’t get to leave that day, with my family, but I would go early the next morning. I just had to make it through one more day.

So, I woke up at 2:30 AM the next day and drove to the airport shortly afterward. I hopped on my flight and headed out to Reno Nevada. As I exited the airport I saw my name in lights….on a cell phone. It was Mark from Drive Shop there to pick me up and take me up to The Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe to meet my family….or so I thought. He was just there to put me in an amazing Kia Sorento and send me on my way.

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Off I went on my little adventure. I turned on a road that was taking me up to Mt. Rose. As I started my drive, I saw a little more snow the further I went. By the time I hit 9000 feet, the snow wall on the sides of the street just about covered the stop signs. I was really cozy inside the Sorento. I mean great music, heated seats, extreme comfort. What an outstanding ride. It was so beautiful up there but I could not wait to see my family so I pressed on.


Heading further into the mountains, I started to see water. There it was…Lake Tahoe! It was absolutely gorgeous. I really wanted to stop and check it out but I wanted to get to my family more. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that I had an eighteen wheeler kind of pushing me down the mountain. He was no match for the Kia though. I had it in all wheel drive and never felt more secure heading through those snow filled turns.


Turning into The Ritz-Carlton, my heart started to beat a little faster. I pulled up to the front for Valet service and out ran my family to meet me. Oh, what a feeling. Don’t let them know but being that far away from them really made me sad. Anyway, Kia brought us together for some great family fun and it was just about to get started for me…..I went to the room and crashed! Yeah…I fell asleep….right when I got there….no nothing…just sleep….it happened.

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While I was having my little sleep fest, Kas, Gabe, and Bella went off on a little snowmobiling adventure. They just left me in my pool of drool and went up the mountain without me. Can you believe that? Just kidding, it was all pre-planned. They had a blast and I got a little rest on the side. Good times both ways.

Well, we all worked up an appetite doing the things that we did and grabbed a ride on the gondola as we headed down to the village. What a great experience. The snow was so beautiful between all of the trees. It was just peaceful. We walked over to Tavern 6330 and all had a great time visiting with each other. I had a couple of beers and the ate a superb Filet with mushrooms and Demi sauce. Incredible and a great time had by all.


The next morning, we all put on our snow pants, warm socks, snow boots, coats, and hats. We zipped up and took off outside. Today was the day. Ski lessons for everyone. Well, everyone except me. Do you remember the cartoons where people would start rolling down a hill and then turn into a giant snowball collecting all in their path? NO SKIING FOR ME!!! So we were lined up with the ski instructor and he immediately thought that we were crazy. He showed the family how to get the skis on and then he took them to the slopes. OK….it was the Bunny slopes but it was still on the side of a HUGE mountain. So, the ringer of the group turned out to be Bella. She did so amazingly. I’m telling you that this girl is a natural. Gabe did well too. He just had no brakes and when he fell it was awesome….Slow Motion! My darling wife Kas did awesome for a first timer too. She fell pretty hard a couple of times but got up and kicked butt the next. I was so proud of all three of them. An absolutely great day with Kia and the Family.

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Later that day we took off walking down the mountain and back up the hill a little way to the tubing adventure. Now, I had every intention of flopping on a tube and barreling down the side of the mountain….but….my butt…would have been stuck in the tube so I just watched. I had a great vantage point from where I was standing. I also saw the greatest snowball fight in the history of snowball fights. It looked like the fight from Jack Frost, when Michael Keaton was the snowman. INCREDIBLE! It was obvious the kids won that battle.

It started to get dark and we headed back to get ready for dinner. We went down and the kids had an opportunity to work with the Chef on some pastries. Gabe and Bella are so talented. I may have a couple of pastry Chefs in the making here. What a great night with friends and family.



The next morning, it was time to head back out to the airport. A pretty good snow storm came through overnight and into the morning. We loaded up in the Sorento and had it in all wheel drive. We had absolutely no issues on the drive down the mountain. It was smooth sailing. It made me extremely happy because I worry about my family in those situations and the Kia made me drive with confidence knowing that my family was safe.

I would just like to thank Kia for a once in a lifetime trip! You guys are amazing as is the Sorento. Oh by the way, I traded my old car in on a new 2017 Kia Sorento….SOLD!

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