TOP 10 List Of Bruiser The Cat’s Different Expressions


Our cat Bruiser is one cool cat. I picked his sister and him up when they were kittens from a little pet store in Tennessee. Bruiser was a little bitty guy and didn’t look like he would ever be very big. That’s what led us to the name Bruiser. If he wasn’t going to be […]

The Kitty Cat and The Fish Tank

Bruiser's Hideout

It hasn’t happened yet but I have a horrible feeling that it’s coming.My son got a fish tank for Christmas and it is pretty cool. The tank is only a three gallon tank and it is going to have the glow in the dark fish that are so popular right now, as I’ve been told. […]

Bruiser….The Crazy Cat

Our cat is possessed by the cat psycho! When my son and daughter were younger they wanted a cat. I fought it off for a few weeks until one day I decided to give in. I gave in a little too much because I got them both a cat. My daughter was a big Hello […]