2013 Mazda 3 Review


***Disclosure: My wife reviewed a Mazda3 and was provided the car by DriveSTI. All opinions are 100% mine. *** My family and I take a lot of road trips and vacations. We have been lucky enough to be able to test drive and review multiple cars on our voyages. This last time, we took a […]

That Awkward Moment That You Find Yourself In A Chinese Buffet While On A Diet


So, I have been on this diet and lost 60 pounds back before the holidays and the last surgery that I had. You know, still doing pretty good but added like a total of 7 pounds back when all said and done here at the end of January. So I feel pretty good right?……..guess what!……the […]

Can’t Taste The Liquor


When you go out to a bar or club, and you order a mixed drink, are you looking for a drink that taste great? Are you the type that likes to taste the liquor in the drink? I have an opinion! If I go out,whether it be to a bar, club, or restaurant and order […]

Highs and Lows of a work day

Goodness! If you work in customer service on a daily basis you will be able to relate to this day. Many of you already know that I am a restaurant manager and deal with the public everyday. Today was one of those days that go from very sad, to very busy, to very slow, to […]

Restaurants…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Have you ever been to a restaurant and had a very good experience? How about the bad one that you tell everyone about? Chances are that you have and some of those stories can be entertaining now and some experiences may be moving too. In my life I have worked in and out of restaurants […]