Dragon Tries To Eat The Princess-King Steps In


DISCLOSURE***THIS REALLY HAPPENED AND IT HAPPENED TODAY****I’M SERIOUS****   It was a gorgeous day in the middle of the week. The sun was high in the bright blue sky surrounded by big fluffy clouds. Just Beautiful! The King, The Queen, The Princess, and The valiant knight Sir Gabriel decided to go to the market before […]



Have you ever felt like you jinxed yourself or Karma got you? I have never been one to believe in things like that….UNTIL NOW!!! The other night, I joined in on a Twitter Party that was hosted by the guys at HowToBeADad. During the party, you were supposed to tell #ickies. Stories about different gross […]

Scared To Death

When I was little, there was an event in my life that I will never forget. What I remember is sitting at the dinner table with my uncle and my dad. I had my back to the window and was sitting in my highchair. My dad and my uncle started looking at the window and […]

The Kitty Cat and The Fish Tank

Bruiser's Hideout

It hasn’t happened yet but I have a horrible feeling that it’s coming.My son got a fish tank for Christmas and it is pretty cool. The tank is only a three gallon tank and it is going to have the glow in the dark fish that are so popular right now, as I’ve been told. […]

Daddy Son Trip Of The First Kind


So, my son and I took our first father son road trip. Last Friday we rented a car and headed down to Panama City Beach. The trip is around 7 hours from our house so we wanted to get started early in the day. We hit a snag in the initial start time and it […]

Just What Our Family Needed

After the death of Nano and the near death of Grandma, our family needed something to happen that was good. Well is has been happening. Our Isabella is a HUGE One Direction fan!! Well Kas was able to get them in to see a screening in Nashville of the new One Direction movie This Is […]

Rolling On Skywheel Myrtle Beach


***Disclosure: I’m attending The #MBFam lodgings, and some expenses were covered by Myrtle Beach CVB. All opinions are 100% mine. *** Let me start this out by saying…I’m not scared!!! So, we were at Myrtle Beach as you know and were doing some cool things around town. One night, we decided that it was time […]

Myrtle Beach Madness

storm MB

***Disclosure: I’m attending The #MBFam lodgings, and some expenses were covered by Myrtle Beach CVB. All opinions are 100% mine. *** Have you ever been in the ocean and said I am gonna die? When I was in my 20’s I almost did with some horrible rip tides and a long day of beach volleyball. […]

Best Friends Until The End


It was all so great all of the time when they were little. Look at her little face. She is so sweet, beautiful, and just perfect. She was and is the perfect addition to our family. And this little guy….007….James Bond….What a great looking little man. He had more girlfriends at this age then I […]

Monsters University


Man, when Gabriel was a baby Monster’s Inc was his movie. He could be crying, eating, or busy playing and we would turn it on…….SILENCE……..he would just sit there for hours and watch it over and over again. I remember taking him to Disney and we were at Hollywood Studios for the parade and Mike […]