TOP 10 List Of Bruiser The Cat’s Different Expressions


Our cat Bruiser is one cool cat. I picked his sister and him up when they were kittens from a little pet store in Tennessee. Bruiser was a little bitty guy and didn’t look like he would ever be very big. That’s what led us to the name Bruiser. If he wasn’t going to be […]

Top 10 BEST 80’s Hairstyles That Should Make A Come Back

Sometimes I like to relive the 80’s. The other day I was watching some 80s music video and I really paid attention to the hairstyles. Man did we have crazy hair. I think should some make a come back. If only so us who lived through it could laugh. Anyway, here’s my Top 10 for […]

Top 10 Walt Disney World Moments

Our Family has been lucky enough to go to Disney World several times over the past few years. Let’s face it, instead of buying new cars, boats, Or the latest gadgets, we choose to make family memories that will last us a lifetime! Boy, have we made memories! These are the top ten memories on […]

Top 10 Mustaches Ever


You know, just looking back at Movember this year, it has me thinking of the mustache. Man, there have been some great mustaches over the years if you really think about it. I have worn a Goatee that is connected to the mustache for years now. Only in November did I shave it off to […]