Check out my SPOILER FREE review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I truly had a dream come true this week when I was able to attend an early press screening of Star Wars” The Force Awakens. Everyone is asking me what I thought so here you go. My SPOILER FREE thoughts over at Adventures of a Couponista: STAR WARS Has Awakened The Next Generation Of Fans

CINDERELLA Brings Disney Magic To The Big Screen


Cinderella, you had me at the smile. A beautiful little girl with the love of her adoring parents. It was already a great night. Kas, Bella, and I were out on a little partial family outing. By Partial I mean without Gabe. He wants his little partial family outing to involve Avengers. Well, I kind […]

Dollar Shave Club…It’s For Real


Do you know how much it is to buy replacement cartridges for a razor? If I buy three, it costs well over $20. It gets really expensive really fast to avoid looking like Grizzly Adams. So, as I was floating through Facebook, I noticed an ad for Dollar Shave Club. I looked it up and […]

Daddy Son Trip Of The First Kind


So, my son and I took our first father son road trip. Last Friday we rented a car and headed down to Panama City Beach. The trip is around 7 hours from our house so we wanted to get started early in the day. We hit a snag in the initial start time and it […]

How Do I Tell Them?


We started getting the calls at 6:18 AM. First my wife’s phone rang and then my phone. I grabbed for mine but I was too late it had already stopped but I could still see who was calling on the screen. Then my wife’s phone rang again and it was her sister one more time. […]

Proud Papa

Gabe Science

After I went to school and then to college a few years later for a possible career in a science field I decided that science was not for me. As a matter of fact, I thought that I could never really get excited about Science again. Proven wrong!!! Yesterday, I was a proud papa and […]

It Is My DUTY To tell You About Wreck It Ralph…NOT That kind of Duty!

Wreck It Ralph Blew Me Away! It has been a long time since I have sat around doing quotes from a movie, especially an animated movie. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I went in because I just wasn’t interested at first. Boy was I wrong!! This movie is full of emotions and […]

To The Hospital Twice In One Day

I stated in an earlier post that I was a disaster waiting to happen. Well, here is another installment of my days as an accident. When I was young, the Doctors at the local hospital knew me by name. My father even got a little scared to take me to the hospital because he feared […]

Little League Baseball…I Love It!!

There is nothing like Little League Baseball in the Spring time! I remember playing when I was younger and enjoying practice as much as the game. Now that my son is playing, I am getting all of those feelings that I once had. I feel every hit, I make every catch, I get butterflies when […]

My How Times Have Changed

OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! My how times have changed! I can remember when gas was .55 cents per gallon. My mother can remember when it was.10 cents per Gallon. Well back in the old days it cost a bucket of oats and maybe an apple to get where you wanted to go. How about I-Phones […]